Grey Cup Tickets.

Oh.. I remember having a discussion Grey Cup weekend, and many people said I'd never find anything cheap..

Row 35, Section D, regular $412?

I bought for $80!

my father and his brother? $60 each

my brother? Section T Row 37, Regular $390


So, as with every other season...

wait a while, and you will find cheapo seats! :smiley:

there was a group of 3 Pro scalpers who got stuck with many many expensive tickets! people weren't being suckered in... and they had over 30 tickets with no buyers! :lol:

too bad, so sad!

How does one become a pro scalper? Just curious...

i dunno, ask the guy from Toronto who flew to Calgary just to sell and buy tickets!

I was watching for a while, and overheard him talking to a guy trying to buy.. he said this

"I'm from Toronto, I do this for a living, I'm trying to make as much as I can, I don't care if I go to jail, been there before!"

with a smug look on his face.

guy thought he was pretty smart! .. yea well, he wasn't too smart once the cops arrived and he quietly walked away.

I was not very impressed, they were buying tickets from others who were selling them at or below cost and then turning around and selling them for more! yet the buyers got the last laugh.

he probably is at Leafs games too i'm sure.

I see him in Edmonton next year, I'll be bringing the boys in blue over.

Oh wow... this guy sounds like a real winner. :expressionless:

I have been to eight of the last ten GC's and I have never bought a ticket beforehand. There are ALWAYS good ducats for sale or rent in the host city and almost always below face value. This worked especially well in 2004 (Ottawa) when one of my party had to have an emergency appendix operation Saturday night/Sunday morning and couldn't make the game....eliminated the need to get rid of a (paid for) ticket!

AS soon as you sell a ticket above face value,you've made it to the big leagues.But it sounds like this guy was a rookie cause he couldnt get face value. :lol:

Shame on all of you for advertizing this fact...
All we need is some idiot like Stephen Brunt to read this and next thing you know... he'll do a 3 day expose on the CFL benifiting from the scalping industry..
I can already imagine the headline,"Not even the Roughriders could sell out the Grey cup"
Shut your mouths before Canada's media reads your stories and has some more anumintion to make excusses about the Bills in Toronto fiasco.

Like a-clowns like Brunt don't already know about how to buy cheap GC tix.

Oh yeah, and learn how to spell....