Grey Cup Tickets

Please don't bash me for this post, but here is my deal. At this point in the season it is now assured that there is no chance that the Grey Cup could be a Rider/Stampeder battle, despite how amazing that game would be. I would like to go to Grey Cup if the Riders make it so I am asking if there are any Stampeder fans in this forum who would be interested in selling their tickets if their Stampeders don't make it to the Cup? I would be willing to pay an extra 10% of the face value if I can strike a deal early. I am looking for 2-4 tickets

Any takers?

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to buy tickets that are being sold for more than their value?

i believe you are right but you could get away with it by claiming it to be something like a tip or reward...but again i do believe you are correct lol

what if someone Offers to buy them more than the face value?

don't sweat it man there will be all kinds for sale if the saltpeters don't go to the dance

no if it was edmonton and toronto id still go..its the greycup dont be dumb what forum are you in again...exactly and in regards to cflisbest...the reason the MOD was asking cause he/she has to control the forums and watch for illegal activity i believe or could just be making a comment on a thread...either way its illegal so you buy the tickets for face value and give the guy a "tip" or just dont say anythign cause i doubt the cops are going to set up a sting on your ticket transactions LOL

Does anyone know what the range of the face value of the tickets was? I'm thinking in the whites up high in the corners
of the permanent stands. Thanks in advance.

time to offload your tickets what price can I get to attend the Riders home game next sunday at Mcmahon stadium? from red to green :slight_smile:

500 bucks a tick

is that the good guy price?

its called extortion. try selling them for that much at the stadium...

It's called a sense of humour. Try getting one. :roll:

lol thanks for explaining that chief lol i thought it was kinda obvious :smiley:

i might as well post this to give the rider fans an idea here…we got season ticks this year in section U row 35 (red section) the grey cup tickets would have cost us (we opted not to get them for the exact reason that presents itself right now wiht ssk and montreal playing for it) 230 a ticket. so the way ive kinda figured out those seats are a little above average as far as price goes…so to buy tickets im sure your looking for anywhere from 150 a ticket to 300…but thats only my estimation.

It's illegal ONLY if you get caught, LOL!!

just go to the STadium on game day.. there'll be a bunch of people selling the tickets for cheap.. just wanting to get rid of them..

I think you maybe thinking of th “Bills in Toronto” game… wait a minute, Rogers has about 30 odd thousand to give-away!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

no, it happens at every Grey Cup game... i've seen it all the time.

youve been to every grey cup game? :roll:

I've been to every single Grey Cup with the small exception of 1909 to 2004 inclusive, and then again I only missed 2006 to 2008. I remember back in the 2005 game I saw a scalper and I'm sure if I wouldn't have had my tix, he would have sold them to me for less than face value, so yes, just wait until game day, you're bound to get a great deal.