Grey Cup Tickets

Hey CFL fans,

I live in Vancouver and I have 2 tickets available for the Grey Cup game on Sunday, November 27th, 2005. They are section 17L2 Row PP
Seat 10 and 11. *This is a no alcohol section on the 20 yard line.

Hopefully you are a B.C, Lions fan as that is who will be hoisting the cup at the end of the day:)

The two tickets are $1000.00



I didn't think scalping was allowed?

What is the face value of the tickets?

It's $225 + tax/service charge = $250.00/each. 100% profit.

Shameful isn't it. It's 1 section away from the next price range. Try ebay for better deals or cross finger that the Leos don't make it.

If you want to look at this from a postive spin, this could be the first time in a while that a CFL ticket is actually able to be scalped for a higher price.

You mean to say this will show the CFL they don't charge enough for Grey Cup. Guess you know what to expect next time it comes around to your town.


I went on eBay yesterday to see if there were any Grey Cup tickets for sale. I saw a pair, on which the highest bid was 100$ so far (but reserve had not been met yet).

That f*cker selling his tickets at 1000$ should ram them up his.

Hope no sucker bites at his offer. Someone will get seriously taken advantage of.

This is to easy.
Suckers to buy 2 tickets for $1000.00.
HMMMMM.Lets see who would be that sucked in.
I would say a rider fan would buy them.They still think that their team will be there in the Grey Cup.That would be my first guess.Then after thinking about it.The rider fan would have to raise the money for the tickets.How would they raise the money.
1.Win a date with your sister.
2.Move your Trailor anywhere in Saskatchewan.
3.Manure for a year,to throw on peoples lawns.
Great prizes!!!
I can see how they promote this now.
Saskatchewan lottery.
1 ticket for a dollar, or 5 tickets for 5 dollars.
Now that is funny!!!!