Grey Cup tickets!

So, I just got my Grey Cup Tix and I was just wondering how good the seats really are.

I thought the Stamps fans would have a good idea.

The tix are: Section AA Row 62 Seats 7-8

I understand the tix are in the endzone far corner section. What I want to know is how good is the view from there?

I have never been to McMahon Stadium. Has anybody from here ever sat in those seats, or near them?

Let me know fellow CFLers. I would like to know what I am in store for.


You are sitting in temporary endzone seats, that as far as I know are only set up for Grey Cups at McMahon.

[url=] ... ngmap2.jpg[/url] [url=] ... _large.jpg[/url]

If you look at these two seating pictures, you can see that you are between section L and the red and white club. Row 62 is at or near as high as the rows go. But the stadium is very close to the field with a good atmosphere as far as I remember(I've only been there once during '05 labour day), so I'm sure that even though your seats aren't the greatest, you will still feel close to the action. I sat 3 or 4 rows from the top at about the ten yard line when I was there, and I still had a good view of the field.

Thank you Esks123.

I was expecting a Stamps fan to supply the answer but that is fine.

Maybe getting Saskatchewan staple Richie Hall as a head coach initiated a bond between Eskies and Roughies.

As for Calgary and Burris . . . I look forward to wonderful season of intense football . . . and it's on! HENNNNNNNNNNNRY!

....he posted his answer like 5 hours after you asked it, it's not like there are a ton of stamps fans just hanging around here, sheesh...

...anyway, glad you have your tics...I can't say for sure what they will be like but I'm guessing they won't be bad, at least you'll have the predominant NW wind to your backs if there is any that day...

If you are sitting high up in those temporary north end zone seats, the view should be pretty good. I've seen the field OK when walking through the connecting path beside the Red & White club between the west and east stands which will be just behind these temporary stands, and even from a lower angle it is not too bad a view. You will be closer to the field than this area, so it should be decent. There is really not a bad seat for viewing the field in McMahon stadium otherwise.

Cool. Thank you all for the comments.

Any Grey Cup Predictions?

I see it this way:
The Riders will win the Grey Cup - obviously!
They will beat Calgary in their hometown game.
After struggling all season long, Calgary will be forced to crossover then string together enough wins to make it to the cup.
Then they will lose a close battle for the Cup.
That is, close until the middle of the 3rd Quarter when the Riders pull away by 4 touchdowns.

At least that is ONE possibility.

How many Grey Cup tickets are left? I had to purchase mine on May 30th when they went onsale to the general public, since I'm not a season ticket holder. I purchased them the minute they went onsale. Platinum, Gold and Silver tickets were sold out. I got Bronze seats. They only had Bronze and Endzone seating left. I got a feeling that the game will sell out very soon.

The reasons for so few Grey Cup tickets left is because Calgary has a very high season ticket base this season. Season ticket holders got first dibs on their seats for the Grey Cup, the Stamps winning the cup last year drove up demand, and they are looking good to get there again this season. So if you are thinking of going to the Grey Cup this season, you should get your tickets ASAP! Although if the Stamps don't make it to the big game, I'm sure there will be several tickets available for resale.

Argonauts season ticket holders also got a pre-sale

I'm sitting in Section CC - Row 15.