Grey Cup tickets

Is it me or is it pretty late in the year, May 30, to release the tickets to the public? Most other years I've bought them before January. Is there any reason why its being left so late in the year?

Last year in Montreal there were only a couple of days where you could buy tickets for 24 hours each day(or something like that) After that I do believe they went on sale around the end of May

There was a pre-sale in November 2008.
There is approximately 45,000 seats for Grey Cup Calgary. The Calgary season ticket holders get first crack then the pre-sale tickets, buy the time they go on sale to the public there wont be many left if any.

I did the pre-order thing during last years grey cup but have not yet had my chance to purchase my tickets. I contacted ticketmaster and they said that I will get my chance "sometime in the spring" but after the calgary season ticket holders get theirs. I'm hoping there are still some non endzone seats left when my turn comes around.

I've been to the past 5 Grey Cups and I've got to say, this year, I'm very dissapointed at the bias towards Calgary fans. Are they trying to alienate out-of-towners? The prices for tickets are WAYYYYYYY too high. Tickets were available at the same time for everyone in past Grey Cups.

People coming from out of the town already have to pony up cash for a flight, hotel and food during their stay. Calgarians don't have to worry about these costs. If anything, the tickets should be cheaper for people coming from different provinces.

Save up for 2010 and Commonwealth! We'll have lots of seating ready for you, at prices you'll probably like more. :smiley:

Cheaper for people coming from different provinces? How would they do that? For every Grey Cup, there are thousands of people paying the money to travel to another province. This year's is no different.

It makes sense to award season-ticket holders first crack at Grey Cup tickets. This is not uncommon. It's a big perk to selling season's tickets. This is how it was done the last time the Grey Cup was in Calgary, too. I'd be shocked if this is not common practice, especially in a stadium that needs to install temporary seating.

Three of the past 5 Grey Cups have been in stadiums that have more than 50,000 permanent seats. McMahon, on the other hand, only has 35,000 seats. This increases the price of the average ticket in two ways: One, there are fewer tickets available; two, you have to pay for temporary seating and make it profitable.

Frankly, I don't know what the big problem is. But you don't have to come if you don't want to. I'm sure the game will sell out either way.

I'm so there. Next year too. I'll sit in the end zone if I have to. I don't care how much it costs — I have to fly in for the game anyway, so the cost of the ticket is practically trivial compared to the cost of airfare and hotel.