Grey Cup Tickets....

After fielding a number of calls and emails regarding the mailing of Grey Cup Tickets, according to, your Grey Cup tickets are to be mailed out the first week of November.

Even if you purchased your ticket(s) through our organization, you will receive your tickets from the Argonauts organization.

However, you can still purchase tickets for the event through our organization by calling (905) 547-2287

If you have any other questions regarding the ticket mailing you can check out or call (416) 341 2700

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you at TigerTown!!

Thanks. I was wondering about them because I heard they would be mailed out in mid to late October.

Speaking of TigerTown. How does one acquire extra tickets and what is the cost??

They are out! Being sent by Purolator! Some friends received theirs "Today"! :thup:

Thanks for the update Woody. Much appreciated!!

I got mine today!

I still haven't gotten mine yet.

Ours have arrived! Lots of other people have received them too

I came home and they were here.

Nice looking tickets too. Have been to a Grey Cup in the past and the ticket was just one plain boring one from ticketmaster

It's good to hear that people have started receiving their tickets. We have been informed that tickets will be sent out through the end of this week.

Great tickets are still available by calling (905)547 2287.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or shoot me a pm.


Got mine via Canada Post today. Since I ordered late, though, I got the generic Ticketmaster variety. Oh well, it's not the ticket, it's the destination!

In the same fashion, as the above.....I wanted to throw this out to all Ti-Cats fans thinking of making their way to Toronto for the Big Game....Sorry Mods.....

I have all you can eat (executive catering) and drink packages (Beer and Wine) available for the Grey at the game in Windows Restaurant @ the Rogers Centre.
Massive party... UMM magazine girls, and full red carpet treetment.

Starting from $249/person...all inclusive.

To check out more:

Call or email me

Richard Finlay