Grey Cup tickets!!???

This west coast B.C. lioness and her lion need tickest to the Grey Cup!
Flight booked; room reserved…now need the game ticket.
Anybody know anyone that can’t go? has decent tickets without breaking this senior’s bank.
Any advice on what the seats are like in the upper, upper deck?
Keeping our fingers crossed!

Tickets are running about $300 (I think) per for decent seats so depends what you consider breaking the bank.

I expected to pay that but not much more. Where can I find these decent seats that aren't in the end zone......don't mind being upper deck.

Just a suggestion, but having gone to the last 6 cups, and there being only 2 of you, I would suggest scalpers at the game. Its a pretty safe bet I think. I see them every time, and this being Toronto, I think there will be more. (unless TO gets in which is a very good possibility).

Thanks Billy......

Some Rider fan on here wanted to sell 2 tickets.

It was Riderfanatic.