Grey Cup Tickets

I received mine in the mail today. Has anyone received theirs ? Who is going ? What are your plans ? what are the hot spots in the 'peg ? Please let me know. If I don't hear from anyone I might cry......

i got mine in yesterday (Monday). My wife and I are flying out Thursday morning. We're going to the 'Powerball' show at MTS Thursday night. Other than that, we'll be at Spirit of Edmonton, Tiger's Town, parade etc. PM if anyone wants to get together.

We got ours! But we can't fly out till Sat am. But will be heading to the parties fast once we land.

hotspots ,depends what you want :1,nice casino;2’good bars depending on music and or atmosphere sought;3great restaurants;4,for we old guys beachboys friday night;5,parade saturday amust especially if you like fire works

go to walby's for dinner ... amazing food !!!!

Hot spots in Winnipeg? That is funny on more than one level.

Seriously, Spirit of Edmonton party is the place to be. The team may have stunk it up this year, but boy do these guys know how to throw a party. It is being held Thurs - Sat night at the Victoria Inn on Wellington

Also, I am going give the Tiger Cat Hospitality Suite a shot. I doubt it will be as good as the one in 95, but I will keep an open mind. I think it's at the convention center.

I haven't been to the Peg since the Eastern final in 02. There used to be some great Italian and Indian food places. But I don't know if they are still there.

At any rate, look for the Forbidden Website's board of directors. They will be milling about the Spirit party, the Ticats Hospitality room and holding their annual board meeting at the Spirit of Edmonton Breakfast on Saturday morning.

Look for Will the Thrill wearing a Tiger Cat hat and a jersey from a defunct team (Posse, Concordes, Stallions etc;)


Atlantic Schooners Kitchen Party
Spirit of Edmonton
Touchdown Manitobia Meet and Greet
Calgary Pancake Breakfast
BC Lions Den
Cheerleader Event

…etc :wink:

You're gonna miss Kenny Rogers!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 7:30PM Kenny Rogers Concert
MTS Centre 300 Portage Avenue

speaking of which, I have a pair of seats in Section 9A, row 6 available to purchase, if anyone is interested. PM me. Thanks, Russ