Grey Cup tickets please - with a twist?

Before anyone tries to ram it down my throat that the Riders are not guaranteed to make the playoffs let alone the Grey Cup, please chill out. This is not about the Riders per say. My goal is to go to Grey Cup IF the Riders make it. Secondly, if you want to trash talk, please start another post as some of the other posts look ridiculous with all the trash talk.

That being said, here is my proposal. Some of you have already purchased TWO Grey Cup tickets to Vancouver. If your team does not make it, and mine does, would you be willing to sell them to me. For this to work, I would need probably two agreements (e.g. agreement with an Edmonton fan and an agreement with a BC fan). I say that because of the crossover. Is there anyone interested in taking me up on this. If we have to purchase tickets in the next week or so, I would also be up for that.

Logistically, this could be interesting, but I would like to feel secure that I have a solid lead on tickets if they win. I tried this last year for the Ottawa Grey Cup and it worked perfectly (more perfectly than McCallum's kick, but that would not be too hard).

I await SERIOUS responses.

You've had a good idea, because there are obviously some fans who will want to opt out. That being said, I think the huddlites may be too much of fans to let go Grey Cup tickets. I would go no matter who plays (had I had tickets). When it was in Montreal, I went to see Calgary vs. Winnipeg. The idea of selling my ticket when the Als got ousted did not crossed my mind.

If Lions or Riders or Stamps aren't in the Grey Cup, I would consider selling my tickets. My seats are on the 20yd line 25 rows up behind visitor bench.

The only reason I say the Riders in my previous post is because my buddy is a huge Riders fans and I would sell him my tickets and not because I want to see them.

Too bad Lionbacker. Anyone else out there willing and able? Worse comes to worse, anyone willing to buy a couple of tickets. Say a BC lions fan since if BC isn't in the Grey Cup, then the Riders may be. Right now, my worst fear is that Sask will cross over, BC makes it into the Cup and there won't be a single ticket left in town. Great for the CFL and BC but SUCKY for me.

I have an extra ticket. A buddy can no longer make it. The Riders should be in it no problem. Just have to roll over BC this weekend.

Dentor, I am assuming that was an invitation. Thanks, but unfortunately I need at least two. In a pinch, I may reconsider. Anyone out there with a magic pair of tickets?

I hope you guys enjoy the rematch of the grey cup.Well 1996 grey cup that is!!!

I thought it was 97.

No 96.
I said Edmonton against Argos!!!!
Riders won't see a cup.

P.S. Not everything has to do with riders!!!

Why not a rematch of the 2000 Grey Cup?... With the underdog winning again?...

How about last year when the under dog won.
Best Grey Cup in the last ten years.Has to be 1996.
My favorite was 1997.Must I explain.

Grey cup now sold out!?! My plea is still out there. Anyone willing to sell tickets if their team does not make it and mine does?