Grey Cup Tickets not selling well in WPG

Mike, it is Your CFL, I would not want to see anything change, especially for the GC, that is not normal CFL size, rules just to play in the US.

There are not many US Stadiums that can fit a 65 X 150 Field .

Thats why I wish the Miami Manatees would have come to fruition and flourished in the CFL.....

Imagine going to a GC game in Miami? :lol:

G0 Manatees! :lol:

(whose home field would have been the Orange Bowl)

The import ratio would have to be scrapped for the game or it would be illegal to play it on American soil.

For a one game Special Sporting Event the Import Rule of the CFL for determining roster players and on field players would not be a problem in the US.

I don't know where he came up with the idea that the game would not be allowed in the US because of the import rule.
It's like saying that the World Cup can't be played in the US because, non-Americans are playing? :roll:

Yet even if they followed your view of labour practices, what team will change their roster the week of the ultimate game of the year because they could play all Americans? This idea of yours does not pass muster for that reason, if for no other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Winterpeg was probably a poor choice for the Grey Cup, but every city deserves one every decade.

So we should be getting ours soon? :wink:

We should.

Maybe they should move it here this year... :smiley:

Flight & accomodations already taken care of. I'll worry about my game ticket the day of.. and enjoy watching the TiCats win it all in WPG

There’s another topic about fans like you…lol. If they made it, and I could get there, I would brave the cold in my black and gold. :rockin: