Grey Cup Ticket's for sale anyone, Calgary fans??

I'm looking for a couple..

dead serious here.

if anyone has a couple cheap tickets (they can be crappy seats..) please private message me.

Don't sell him any.

I tried here too. Seemed to be a dead end. You could try ebay or something now.

get a life.

I deserve to go to a game just as much as you.

Did you try Eric Tillman. I hear he is not going.

don't worry there will be lots offloaded this week, good luck and enjoy the game in Calgary :slight_smile: i did a Google search and its started already i see tickets forsale that were posted tonite after the game lol they range from $500 or best offer check out Kijiji there is some there.

PWNT also...

[url=] ... hansen.jpg[/url]

OMG thats hillarious! :lol: :lol:

May be easier than getting a ticket. You can't have mine.

....or mine...

get lost guys, I never asked for your lame replies.

can't leave me alone?

glad to see one Calgary fan going to the game to cheer for Green and white now :slight_smile:

…seriously cflisthebest, you can’t have my tickets, or cfleskfan’s, quit bugging us for them…

Not meant to be a lame reply, I will be sitting in my seat cheering on the Riders. Tickets will be hard to come by and will likely be at a premium.


you don't mean that all those Stamps fans won't be giving their tickets away?

i'm pretty sure there'll be many many tickets that'll go up for sale very soon..

It won't be too hard.

...if so-called stamps fans unload theirs then they are not really fans anyways and I for one don't want them around...tell me though, why do you not already have yours, being the big fan you claim to be?...

I'm ok with someone selling their tickets to Rider fans as long as they sell the same seats many times over :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like Rider fans will be getting plucked this week :slight_smile:

because I don't have money to just spray out whenever I feel like it.

at the time they went on sale, I was unemployed and I could not afford it.

I have many times been to a Grey Cup game and gotten a ticket or two at the game from scalpers wanting to unload their tickets.

...fair enough....

it took me all of 10 minutes to find tickets forsale that were posted after the game online and I already have a place to stay for free!! but I declinded I'll be at a big Grey Cup bash in Winnipeg instead