Grey Cup Tickets Arrived

Just got my GC tickets via Purolator and they look awesome. Anyone else got theirs?
In my package the Vanier game is also included.
Should be a fantastic week.
By the way who is going from this site?

One of our local Neighbourhood pub has a draw for a weekend for two at Grey Cup. (Fri-Sat-Sun) If I win, I'll let you know!

Excellent! My wife and I are heading down the 401 on the 24th. :cowboy:

Why so late?? you will be missing a bunch of parties.

I'll be ther on thursday morning. wooo can't wait

Couldn't get the time off work. Our house is on market, generally a busy time...We'll catch up on Saturday/Sunday :cowboy:

I'm still waiting for my tickets. I hope they come soon as I purchased them last year when they first went on sale.

understandable...kinda. haha have fun man.

go riders

I'll be there, but I'm too poor to have bought the tickets that include the Vanier Cup ticket. I figure I'll just try to buy one of those on my own. Not sure if "I've" got the tickets yet ... my buddy in Montreal is the one who ordered them, and last I heard (a week or two ago), he hadn't got them yet. Can't wait though!

Good to know.
I'll be waiting by the mailbox the next few days...

You know, I was just thinking... I live 2 hours away. Why the hell didn't I try to get tickets? :lol:

I got the email notice with tracking number for my GC ducats. Turns out the printer for the GC tickets is all the way out in Saskatoon?!? Needless to say I'll be keeping my eye out for any Purolator trucks in the next couple days.

I's going. But its just another Argo home game. :lol:

Got mine yesterday...and they look amazing. Looking forward to spending the weekend with my boys and taking them to my fifth Cup and their first! Nothing against either the Als or Bombers, But I'm really hoping it's a home appearance for the Double Blue. Go ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

My tickets arrived today. They look fantastic.
Go Argos :rockin:

Mine just came.
See everyone at the Spirit of Edmonton Thursday....


Just arrived this afternoon with Purolator. Ordered them back in August of 2006. What a long wait....


I just heard that Riderville is chardging cover this year. only $5 but still. I guess its to try to combat the lines. Will still be the place to be.
II am staying in a hotel conected to the convention center. Expensive, but no cab costs.

Is the Spirit of Edmonton gonna be anywhere near anything this year. the last couple years its been off the beaton path so haven't been to it since Ottawa

Spirit of Edmonton will actually be at the Sheraton Centre hotel across from City Hall. It's a decent clip from the hotel you'll be staying at (The SC is on Queen between York & Bay; whereas your hotel sounds like Front & Simcoe). I hear the tickets for the famous/infamous breakfast on Saturday morning are sold out..and tickets for that were originally going for $70 a seat. (Gotta fund the supplies for the Sluice Juice somehow. :lol: )

I just got my tickets. Very nice! Section 513, Row 24, here we come!!! :cowboy:

Mine have come. yeah. Section 515 here I come