Grey Cup tickets almost SOLD OUT !

Cup tickets almost sold out, Argo tickets benefit too

The 2012 Grey Cup and the perceived improvement in the football are having a "profound effect" on season's ticket sales of the Toronto Argonauts, according to the man who is at the top of both pyramids.

"There's been a lot of excitement," says Chris Rudge, CEO of the Argos and chief executive of the 2012 Grey Cup Festival, "whether it's the Grey Cup or what the Argos have done in the football department in getting a new coach, Ricky Ray and Jason Barnes."

Acknowledging that the team was staring with a modest ticket season base---he wouldn't say how many subscribers the club has---Rudge said that new season's ticket sales are up 500 per cent over last year and that renewals of season's tickets are up 100 per cent.

And, he added, the Grey Cup is almost sold out.

"When the public sale begins in June there will be only about 1000 tickets left," he said. "And all (130) the corporate boxes will be sold out by May."

While there are various sizes of boxes, a luxury box for the Grey Cup Game rents for an average of $20,000.

"The Grey Cup is having a big impact on the city and on our team," Rudge said.


I got my tickets because I have had ARGO season tickets for 23 years. :thup:

Chris Rudge stated Grey Cup is Sold Out, they will hold 500-700 back for the public in June :thup:

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They're not sold out yet - - I just placed my order this afternoon for 21 Grey Cup tickets and all are between the 40yd lines. I had several different seating combinations to choose from, so it's not as if there was only random singles available. Choices I was given ranged from pairs to blocks of six. Maybe Rudge considers it a "sell out" once they're down to only 1000 or so remaining, figuring the public will quickly buy them up. But it sounds like for the $50 deposits season ticket holders have put down to "hold" their Grey Cup seat reservations, Rudge is considering them to already be sold.

Was also really interesting to see how they've priced the Grey Cup tickets this year. Pretty much everything in the lower level is priced at the same $400/ticket, basically from goal line to goal line. Essentially they just combined the Gold seats and the Silver seats under the same price structure.

I don't agree with the idea that a person sitting on the 10yd line should be paying the same as a person sitting on the 50yd line. But the craziest thing is that it looks like they've also priced the end zone seats the same "Double Blue". That's not how it was in BC last year.

What kind of a sucker is going to pay the same price to sit in the end zone instead of sitting at midfield?

You are an ARGO season ticket holder buying many tickets. Spending thousands of $$$ :cowboy:
Isn't it nice that they left you some choices. :cowboy:

At the 100th GREY CUP media event at Rosedale Field on May , 30th , 2012 which I attended , they made it very clear that the big game will be sold out , in early June. :thup:

Both the CFL Commish. and the ARGO / CEO announced that. :cowboy:

The people who put their deposit down are only getting the North end zone [under the JUMBO TRON] and in the back part of the 500 level.

Not only that but the all of the $20,000 boxes are all but gone. :rockin:

Grey Cup will be SOLD OUT June 1st !!!!!!!!!!! :thup: when they go on sale to the public !!!!!!!!!!

It now looks that way. :thup: :rockin: