Grey Cup Tickets(2007)

Just back from All i can say is WOW!! Talk about pricey. If you want to go i suggest you buy now cause those hundred dollar tickets in the 500 level endzone will be gone. Thats nothing compared to the top price of $600.00 a ticket!!Parking should go for at least 50. and on and on

Yes, the 'Platinum' seats are very expensive. There are some reasons for that though, first off, all seats except the 500 level seats include tickets to the Vanier Cup which will be played on the Friday. Also, platinum seats come with a 'platinum package', which is to include a special pre-game party at the convention centre, and a Reebok clothing package.

There are plenty of cheap 500 level seats, and if you're thinking about buying these, best buy them before 4pm tomorrow, to get really good seats. They will probably be the first to sell out come next spring.

Quick Solution...SCALP TICKETS GAME DAY and should that fail, get cousy with your favourite brew at a bar! :wink:

I'll go and get a ticket for $50 from a scalper on gameday... if Toronto gets in it might be tougher but it will happen.

Its the easiest and cheapest way to go to the game.

That’s what I’m going to try this year. But I imagine I’ll have better luck in Winterpeg Manitscolda than next year in the Dome.

I’m in the bizarre position of having bought my 2007 tickets before my 2006 ones! I’ve even put a deposit on extra ones for Toronto. Here’s hoping for an Argo-Ticat matchup thanks to the cross-over! :thup: :cowboy:

Here's hoping for an Argo-Ticat matchup thanks to the cross-over
Funny ... I just got tix for my Dad and I for GC07 (at the 500 level) ... and told him "I got us Ti-Cat tickets for next November!" (He's an Als fan ... )

That's hilarious, love hearing about families with crossed rivalries! Where are your 500 level seats, they're going fairly quickly it seems!

They are expensive, I was all excited about getting a couple but man. I know its an experience but 1200 bucks for two tickets to sit in a section that is usualy 60.00.

"Winterpeg Manitscolda" - good one! :smiley:

Tuck we’ve got tix in 527, row 2 on the aisle for the rock bottom price of $194.86!!!

I'll probably do the same.

Yup, pretty pricey alright but when you figure Leafs tickets for a regular season game go for around $750/pair, I guess the Grey Cup tickets are "reasonable".

Anyone coming from outside Toronto, should seriously consider the GO train to avoid the congestion and the exhorbitant parking. The GO train stops at Union Station within walking distance of the stadium. Or park anywhere along the subway line where parking is free or dirt cheap and take the subway to Union Station.

An Argo fan

Just Ordered my Tickets. 3 in Section 508. $292.00. I think you guys will be dissapointed if you wait. Best section available now in that price range is 526!!!

CFL is more popular than it was when Toronto last hosted the game. I believe this game will be a sellout. Not to mention they will probably plan a big act at half-time. Hell maybe the Rolling Stones. Their playing in Sask-kat-chewan as Mick would say this month. :cowboy:

Yeah but Barney Leaf fans are dumb and will pay anything to watch a sub par team. :twisted:

Got my tickets in the spring 8 of them at the 30 yrd. line for only 2,600 what a steal. :roll:

I ordered 4 tickets in Section 514 for $780 by phone.

They've already sold 20,000 tickets according to TSN and extended the deadline to midnight tonite.