Grey Cup ticket sales

According to the attached article 11,000 GC tickets still remain to be sold , lots of time yet I suppose to sell them but sales are definitely a lot slower then the previous three Cups. I believe all were sold out (or very close to it ) by this time of year .

Two GC's in the same city in span of three years could be a contributing factor plus the cost of going to the game , flights , hotel rooms etc etc makes it a considerable expense just before Xmas.

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I would agree the frequency of having it in the same host city is a big factor.

Reminds be of when the Skydome first opened and and the 1989 sold out easily, the knee jerk reaction was made to put the 92 and 93 game there killed the golden goose hence the 93 game was shipped off to CGY.

At the end of the day, I think this game will sell out though it may take once we know who represents the west to put it over the top. By the way the east is playing so poorly, we may find out much sooner :slight_smile:

No doubt it will be a sellout, but sales are slower for all reasons already mentioned.