Grey Cup ticket pricing at BMO

Here is a map with ticket prices for the Grey Cup which are on sale to Argos season ticket holders now. Some pricey seats anywhere between the goal lines.

When we make it to the Grey Cup I think I’ll post on the blew team’s site an offer to purchase tickets and see what response I get. Perhaps I might even get them below cost?

Back in '96 I had tickets to the game at IWS. Since it was the blew team in the east I tried selling them at cost. I went to the Sheraton lobby with a sign (this was before the WWW) offering to sell to anyone who needed extras. I stood there for maybe 20 minutes without success when some young punk in a suit tells me to “take it outside” like I was a scalper or something. YEESSHH! So I wandered down to the Connaught and did the same thing in their lobby for an hour or two. Nobody accosted me. I went home when I got tired without making a sale. I was there when the "Moes came into the hotel. It was great seeing Ronny Lancaster, et al.

The seats were high up in Section 7 (with backs to the benches) on about the 50 yard line. They were very good seats. Since I was unable to sell them I took my mother and we watched as Flutie and co. slightly outplayed McManus and co. It was a good game, just not the one I was hoping for with a Dunigan led Tabbie team being successful.


When the Grey Cup comes to THF the prices will be higher.

I think they're pricing themselves out of reach. One game cost the equivalent of most of a seasons ticket.
I'll watch it on TV thanks.


Fewer seats?

$200 for decent seats for a Grey Cup at BMO, that's not bad. We paid $250 each the last Grey Cup I went to in Ottawa in 2004.

Waited last minute last year and paid 200$ each - half price of ticket value - for 9th row roughly the 45 yard line in WPG, so that does seem steeper this year.
Our endzones seats for VCR the year before were only 125$ Again, BMO is looking more costly but at the end of the day if you want to be part of the fun, you do what ya gotta do.

They’ll also run out of beer before halftime, and a slice of pizza will cost $80 (cheese only; they’re out of pepperoni).

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