Grey Cup Ticket Prices Reduced

I am surprised that the rep told you that, since ticketmaster is the only way you can buy Grey Cup tickets unless you were an existing Argo season ticket holder.
I think they are just taking some time to call the 5k to 10k, ticket holders.

Pathetic...absolutely pathetic...we need to all stop buying any event tickets through Ticketmaster (who I believe also owns Stubhub or some other reseller) . Yes it may hurt the event but even with the proposed new laws they will continue to screw over customers. If we stop buying for a few months we may force them to change their monopolistic policies. All it takes is for us to stop using them. I don't think there is any other choice available is there?
In this particular case the CFL needs to step in and quickly to somewhat save face.

Can you tell I hate Ticketmaster? :thdn: I am forced to use them for Ticat tickets but am boycotting all other purchases through them.

I don't think you can buy tickets to any event without going through ticketmaster. That's the agent that most CFL teams use, I know Ottawa uses "Capital tickets" but the same type of thing as ticketmaster.

I understand the CFL issue and they are just an agent to complete the sale and more or less manage the purchase. The Ticats help us select our seat location.
I'm boycotting the one off events that seem to sell out in seconds (The Hip for example) then magically appear on Stubhub. Our government didn't help by revoking the law that says you can't sell beyond face value. So since Ticket Master owns the secondary market, they buy up large swaths of prime tickets then resell on Stub Hub at a high profit. No longer against the law. So, if we don't buy from Stub Hub or other secondary markets, they're stuck with the tickets and lose money. The issue is trying to get everyone in North America to do so.
Won't happen as there seem to be people who are willing to be gouged.

Stubhub is owned by ebay.

People should buy tickets through Stubhub because it is currently the only strong challenger to Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster's "secondary market" features are a direct response to competitive pressure from Stubhub.

I agree with you on this 100%. The Ticket Speculation Act was changed specifically to help companies like Ticketmaster, by making scalping legal but adding provisions that limit scalping to channels like Ticketmaster who can "guarantee" the authenticity of the tickets. If they're going to make scalping legal, they should not allow the primary ticket issuer to also act as a broker for the secondary market; the current situation is ripe for abuse.

Personally I think people should just stay away. Speak with your feet people! Let the Argo's & Comish know they screwed up as a GC committee.
If this is how you don't want to be treated in the first place, don't go. Supporting ANY group even after a discount is wrong. You may think you are saving's all a sham!! Otherwise, expect more of this in the future.


All credit and kudos to the Argos ticket department. Tyler called me back and explained that the Argos worked it out with Ticketmaster, and are now allowed to make changes to the orders made way back in August at full price. I was able to get two $89 tickets, in section 210. I am now going to happily spread the word that the CFL, and Argos, have done what they can to make the lower prices work out for me, and I am very satisfied with the customer service I received.

Looking forward to a fun Grey Cup.

Great that they could help you out. They have to save face going forward and offer outstanding customer support. To make up for the mess they've created for those who bought tickets early.

Still have not gotten a phone call about this bullshit!!!! Cant believe the tickets I bought for $417 each are now $209 each!!!

Ok, just wanted to update on my situation with Grey Cup tickets. I just found out that I will get to keep the seats I picked out and will get refunded $380, which is great, so now it cost me $460 for 2 tickets on the 40 yard line, upper section. I was planning on selling them if the Cats didn't make the show, but now for this price I'm going to the game even if they don't make it.