Grey Cup Ticket Prices Reduced

The Argos have announced that ticket prices for this years G.C game have been reduced . Not sure yet of the actual pricing structure , but am glad they have come to more fan friendly solution.

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If they reduce the price of my tickets and don't offer me options for refund or a free upgrade, then I stop going to Argo away games until I'm refunded or given free tickets for the difference. I'm not going to support an organization who engages is a form a theivery towards loyal fans.

Another bone head move by the Argos making the tickets over priced in the first place.
Remember when we hosted the Grey Cup game ,we also reduced ticket prices but waited until the last week.
I got a pair.
Hope you get a refund,it's only right.

As of this morning there is nothing less than $269.00 (middle end zone). So much for the sale! It's too bad - I wanted to take my daughter but not for $600.00. I'll wait for the Cats to host before I go to another Cup in Toronto.

Actually I just saw some east side upper deck about 20-30 yd line for $199 so thats quite a drop from before , I suggest waiting till the whole tickemaster thingy gets repopulated and evaluate then about the pricing change.

Don't know where you are looking but a ton of seats still available and lots under $200
Section 204 East side upper deck $89 and whole sections further in for $149

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Thanks! I had some ticketmaster on a default not to show me tickets for less than $269? Not sure how I did that?!

For new buyers , its the bargain of the century right now . $209 on the 50 yd line upper east side.

So in other words I, and other season ticket holders, are being punished for paying the inflated pre-sale prices with no opportunity to change seats or obtain a partial refund? I don't blame them nor am I overly surprised that they are reducing the prices due to lagging sales, but come on, those who bought first are likely the strongest supporters of the CFL, yet we're the ones being shafted. Just doesn't sit well with me. Had the mid-range prices been better when I bought my tickets, maybe I wouldn't have to sit in the end zone. Lesson learned. No need to rush next time to secure tickets.

Pathetic if the CFL to do this to you....small claims court lawsuit?

Kind of like buying a ST and then see weekly emails for discounted tickets. Not right. The only recourse is to not buy tickets and risk getting crappy seats last minute.

This will be my last CFL event in Toronto.

Ok , so read this twitter feed from gary Lawless, pay attention to #3 , then call Argos .

When you buy season tickets you know full well there are promotions and ways to get prices cheaper.
This is different.

I know one of my credit cards has price protection (Costco MasterCard) - by sending in proof of the price change they will credit you. Ive used it a couple times no question asked. I wonder if it would apply here.

Ok , so read this twitter feed from gary Lawless, pay attention to #3 , then call Argos .

Good on them to try and make people whole (as best as they can.. :thup: )

Holy shit, I cant believe this crap, I just checked and the seats I bought about a month ago for $417 each are now $209 each!!!! Section 206, row 20. Did anyone else buy seats in this section for this price? Will they be offering a refund of the difference???

This was from someone on R-Nation that called up about his tickets:

I just talked to a ticket Rep named Micheal from the Argos. He told me what is happening is they are contacting the people in the sections that have paid a higher price over the next couple days. Those people will be given an option to keep the same seats and receive a refund for the ticket price changes or move to a different section. This is what most will do I imagine. After that people who are in sections that dont have a price change will be contacted to see if they want to keep their seats or move. He told me to personally contact him at his personal number if I have not been contacted by Tuesday. I asked about people scooping up tickets that didn't buy early like most of us here did. He said they have greyed out enough tickets so that we don't get screwed. I told him that a guy named Cam M had also phoned and he said he would be contacted by a ticket agent. So guys hold tight. For me I can move to the 55 yard line upper deck (209 dollars) for 8 dollars less than I paid to be in the end zone (217 dollars). Yes I will be higher up but I will be under the roof and at mid field. I look forward to this change. Lets hope they are not blowing smoke up my ass but it sounded good like they had thought about this after fucking everything up.

Thanks SlimJim. I hope the guy from R-nation is correct. I bought tickets in presale for a lot $$$ and now they are $240 per ticket less. I have contacted Argos, if you bought through Ticketmaster they cant help you directly and you have to wait for Ticketmaster to contact you. The twitter items from Lawless are I think for those Argo season ticket holders who bought directly through the Argo office.

There have been some corrections sent out. Originally I received an email indicating my tickets were not affected by the change. However under further review of Ticketmaster once the tickets were re-priced I noticed that mine were affected. I contacted Argos ticket office, and they said there were some mistakes with the original emails that went out. I then received a second automated email from Argos indicating my tickets were indeed those affected and that Ticketmaster would be contacting us. Have not yet heard from Ticketmaster.

I like where my seats are, and there are no better seats at the same price range anywhere else, so I am hoping to just get a refund for the difference. Hope that this can be fixed.

The price reductions have resulted in some weird and unfair situations in the stadium. If you bought a gold seat somewhere in the first 10 rows on second level of the west side, the people behind you are now paying $259.

The damage has been done to confidence in tickets for future Grey Cups.

slimjim, thanks man, will wait to get a phone call, at $209 a seat I'm much happier and will just keep my seats. I was planning on going if the Ticats made the cup and if they didn't, I would sell them, but now I will go either way

Screwed again for being a loyal supporter of this league and this over priced game...what next Speedy B tests positive for drugs and has to miss the biggest game of the year? ......

I called Argos client services today. Told him my dilema. I bought two of the cheapest seats in August for $169 each. Now I can get two seats for $89 each. I wanted a refund or move me to cheaper seats. Argo guy said oh no, you bought at ticketmaster, call them. He said he'd put me on a call back list and maybe they'd do something next week. I said that's great but if I wait around the cheap seats might be gone.

Soooooo, I called ticketmaster. They said I bought the tickets at that price, and the 72 hours grace period to change is way past. She said if the tickets had gone up in price, they wouldn't charge me more, so I should understand that all sales are final. She stuck to her script very well. I asked her where she was from, she said Texas and no she has never heard of a Grey Cup.

I'm going to try and contact the Argos again tomorrow but I really don't like how I've been treated so far.