Grey Cup Ticket Prices- Ouch

I was thinking of going to the big game in Toronto next year.
Was considering bringing family members and paying for all their tickets.
I was expecting maybe paying 100 to 150 for decent seats.

Then I check Grey Cup pricing.
150 for the nosebleeds!
And it goes from there up to 400 bucks.

Are these prices similar what they paid in Vancouver in 2011?
Or Montreal or Calgary?

If the CFL can sell at these prices more power to them.
But if I buy five tickets as well as travel and hotel I'm looking at over 2 G for a two hour football game.

Looks like we'll be watching the big game in my rec room on TV.
I'll spring for the pizza

Here's the pricing link:

Season ticket holders for thr 2010 Grey Cup in Edmonton: For my seat at the 20 yard line Lower level - in and around $225.00 and for the upper deck above my seat - $175.00....non ticket holders paid more.

Too rich for my blood too. Even at those prices, I'm certain it will sell-out without our money, though. I'm thinking about going to the Vanier Cup instead, since it's being held in conjunction with the Grey Cup this year, just like last year, and it will be more affordable and I assume easier to get tickets to. If it's anything like last year's it will be a great game to be at too. Only downside is that it's on a Friday night and I live in Kingston. Leaving for Toronto after work would be really cutting it close, and it's hard for me to get off work at that time of year.

Makes sense Grey Cup tickets aren't cheap heres a link to 99th Grey Cup prices

[url=] ... 07781.html[/url]

this being the 100th Grey Cup Championship I expect the prices to go up a little more, and I hope they sell fast, if they can do it, I say do it

On the other side of the coin, it goes to a good cause. :slight_smile:

If the CFL can get it good for them.
And if the Argos or Ticats make the big game, the price will double.
Guess I'll have to wait until London gets the Grey Cup. I predict 2020

Last year's Grey Cup game generated over $10 million in ticket that works out to about a $200 average ticket.

That $10 million was pure profit for the Lions as the B.C. Place stadium rental was free (the Stadium corp took 100% of the concessions as their fee) and the league signed over the rights to the game for free, in return for 100% of the sponsorship revenues. Add in the additional revenue the Lions got from the Grey Cup week festivities, that would have generated a nice tidy profit for Mr. Braley. He should do even better with the Grey Cup this year in Toronto. Ticket pre-sales are already been the fastest selling in history, so the 100th Grey Cup should be a fantastic success...although I'm not sure many in Toronto will notice. :expressionless:

i hear ya. i want to go, but not for those prices. ill host another grey cup party instead.

I am an Argo's season ticket holder and my ticket to the big game will cost me $250 or so. Quite a lot for a single game...

Well, I’m obviously not a season ticket holder, so the tickets will cost me a LOT more. Plus I have to pay for hotel and airfare and other expenses. It’s still worth it.

I ended up getting 12 tickets for friends and family at $200 a pop.

After this game, I probably won't goto the 2013 game in Regina.

Thats some nice Air Miles!

I won't be going to Toronto this year either. Don't have the $ and last time it was pretty weak.

I'd describe the prices this year as "a little more expensive than last year". In fact they are actually cheaper compared to the average price per ticket in Calgary 2009. What did people expect? That tickets would be CHEAPER for the 100th Grey Cup? They're a little more expensive than last year, however, there's no question you'll get much more value for your dollar because the CFL is really going to be putting a lot more money and resources (with the help of the Gov't) towards this Grey Cup. They're really going to put on a show. I wouldn't miss it.

I am getting 6 tickets in the end zone facing the big screen. We have already booked our hotel in down town already.
ARGO season ticket holders get $100 off the more expensive seats. :rockin:

The 100th GREY CUP only happens once in any ones life time and it will be a much longer festival than usual. :cowboy:

Have you ever seen what Superbowl and BILLS in Toronto tickets ordinal cost [for those who didn't get them for FREE]? :thdn:

What are people thinking in here, that the grey cup will cost as much as a regular season game? decent seats at ivor wynne are are around $60, forty more dollars is not gonna get you in the grey cup game with good seats. How much do you guys think the stanley cup games or super bowl cost? The grey cup is a BIG EVENT. I would think if you want to attend you should be willing to shell out a grand for a couple seats and a room for the night. Its a prestigious event, obviously its gonna be expensive. Its no different than spending a lot of money on a vacation, if you can afford that then going to the grey cup if youre a football fan should be no problem. Ill gladly spend $500-600 to go and bring my girlfriend. I think expecting good seats for $100-150 is a little offensive to canadian football to be honest...

I live 70 miles north of Toronto,Hamilton is 100 miles away. I'm a Bomber fan and I prefer to travel to Ham. to see Win. play because IWS is such a great venue to watch football. In fact ,It's been many years since I've been in the Skydump. I was and still am skeptical about choosing Tor. for the 100th GC, but when tickets came up the CFL fan in me couldn't resist and I grabbed 4 at $400 a pop! Hopefully Tor. will embrace this historical event.

SUPERBOWL tickets start at $2,800 American :roll: :lol:

And most are purchased by corporations from what I hear. Found this:

Many will fly and take cars or shuttles to their hotels Downtown," she said. “The number of motorists could also depend on which teams make it, but most of the tickets are sold already to corporate customers.”

[url=] ... egin-today[/url]

I can't wait for the 100th FAN FRIENDLY Grey Cup in TORONTO :rockin:


Yup sadar, in Canada the corporate presence for the CFL isn't there as much as for the NFL in the US and in some ways that's actually a good thing for the real fans who want to attend the game no question. :thup: