Grey Cup Ticket Money Grabbers

Once again we are ramping up to the Grey Cup 2008 .. and it never ceases to amaze me that you can't buy tickets normally or anywhere below the 400 section or more than 2 seats together!!! To all you scalpers out there on ebay, kijiji etc. why don't you give the common hard working guy/gal a break, we bust our a$$ to buy seasons tickets for our home games and have to bend over when trying to get Cup tickets!! There should be some way of stopping this from happening, I understand people are out to make a buck but come on!!!

Krazy K8 - Winnipeg

If you are a season ticket holder, you should have received from your team around Feb or March a pre-sale for GC 2008.

Also, Als had a booth setup for GC tickets at last year GC in the Convention center, Admission also had 3 or 4 "pre-sale"....if you were "late" in buying yor tickets, it's not the "scalpers" fault...

Anyway, we all know that some team "fans" will probably sell their tickets online once their team is out...

There is, you just aren't a CFL season ticket holder, but you say you're a fan?
I'm first row so I'm happy :smiley:

I think Krazy8 is gone and never to return. :x

Boy was that red typing angry? I don't understand why any non-lions fan would really care to have the best seats to watch the Leos crush their opponent anyway?

HAHA, i love these comments. They really speak the truth and get the Rider fans up in arms, keep em coming! :thup:

Why would a comment like that "get the Rider fans up in arms"?

If ticket prices are like they were in Toronto last year, go for the 400 level.

I paid close to 200 bucks to sit in the 5th deck of the dome, on the 55 yard line, 2nd row from the top of the stadium. Great seats though!

I paid $180 to sit 4 rows from the top on the 10 yeard line in the Rogers Centre last year. No only did I feel a long way from the game, but noone was selling beer up there. Not to mentioned the fact that the beers lines were far too long. So I shelled out $250 per ticket this year to get a little closer to the action, row C of section 227, on the goal line. I bought my tickets back in March. Don’t forget that there was a pre-sale the day before the Grey Cup last year. They may do the same thing agains this year. :cowboy:

I'm rocking mine in Section U of the end zone, anybody familiar with the amenities (beer) there?

Last year its funny cuz i bought my tickets late (September) and the cheapest pair of seats i could get together was fro 350$ 15 rows from the Center yard line. This year i was smart and I am sitting top deck but front row the seats i wanted!
Should be a great Grey Cup GO ALS GO! :rockin: