Grey Cup Ticket General Sale?

Hi all,

New member here, die-hard Bomber fan and season ticket holder and frequent Grey Cup game traveller.

Just wondering if anyone's heard anything about either a Grey Cup ticket pre-sale for other teams' season ticket holders or general sale? Seems awful quiet this year including an obvious lack of social media presence (ie Facebook, Twitter, webpage, etc). This time last year, and years previous, I had already bought my Grey Cup tickets, booked flights and hotels and locked in travel plans.

Anyone know what's going on in T.O.?

The last communication to us (STHs) was on May 19 stating the sale would be open to us soon, looking at the first 2 weeks of June.

I would agree, the window is much later than previous years. But with a change in ownership and stadium in the same off-season, allot of their campaigns from general season ticket sales to the local promotion, setting up tailgating etc...started later than normal.

In my opinion, their focus is on the home opener on June 23 to give it centre stage and the Grey Cup promo will start to the general public shortly afterwards.

Edit: On their website, their working on recruiting for volunteers during the event so it's coming along

Hang in there!

I read somewhere (think it was on that tickets would go on sale in July . If you are a ssh for the Bombers , you and all sshs from other teams should be second in line for the presale after the Argo ssh's .

If you would like something more up to date , try emailing the Argos , they are pretty good at getting back to folks who email them with questions.

Thanks for the insight.

I've actually engaged the Argos via Twitter on a couple of occasions...both times, I was given a speedy reply which essentially said "thanks for asking, stay tuned, details coming soon!". That was last month...and the month before that.

The one time I asked the CFL, I didn't receive a reply.

I agree...suspect change of ownership, change of venue, seat transfers, organizing committee pains, etc are all causing delays. But to be completely selfish, and speaking on behalf of everyone outside of Toronto intending to go to the game, the lack of info and (relatively) slow process is damaging. Air Canada flights from the west are already through the roof and short-notice hotel bookings can be pricey. While there will always be a crowd that attends regardless of cost, many others don't have unlimitedly deep pockets. And a sales drive in July might be a risky move, especially if airfare hits $1000 and the hotels haven't even been booked yet. FWIW. :expressionless:

Welcome, my friend. :thup:

I can't speak to the airfare but I will guarantee that you'll be able to find all kinds of hotels available at regular rates in Toronto during Grey Cup week.

This is the advantage of hosting it in an actual city.

Stay by the airport if you're flying in and just take the Union/Pearson express downtown for $9. Or stay in the west end near Kipling station and take the subway

Just had to slip a a little dig in there? Even when being actually helpful with hotel advice you have to be stirring the pot?

I too am getting anxious to buy tickets. I'm a long term season ticket holder for the Bombers, and I've attended many Grey Cups. (Last one I missed was 14 years ago). I bought my flights, but need the tickets!

C'mon Argos, put them on sale!

I haven't heard what the situation is going to be for Argo season ticket holders to buy extra Grey Cup tickets. It was great in 2012 when they offered TWO (2) extra tickets for purchase on top of each season ticket purchase.

So far it's "additional Grey Cup tickets may be made available to Season Ticket Holders based on availability."

That was foolish, you very well might not get a ticket… Only 35000 tickets will be available, and Argo season ticket holders have first crack. Something tells me that’s why the Argos are not selling the cheap tickets as seasons tickets. How easy would it be to buy a cheap season ticket with no intention on going to any games, but to buy 20 Grey Cup tickets and then scalp them.

Just show up at BMO. There will be many a scalper. :wink:

What he said, welcome.

Rotrhed, You have no idea what you have got yourself into.

Of course he'll be able to get a ticket - - most likely at or BELOW face value.

Have you ever resold tickets before or bought from a scalper? Sure doesn't sound like it.

StubHub will be flooded with Greg Cup tickets immediately following the division finals. Prices will be insane - - but you can count on a few dumbasses from out west dropping over $1000 per.

As game day approaches the prices will drop steadily. The desperate ones will be on kijiji. A few hours before game time anyone holding tickets is in panic mode - - especially if they're an amature.

Half an hour before game time you can name your price.

If the Argos or Cats are in it, tickets will be impossible. That or pay a huge price.

Any other team, they will be easy.

When I went to the 2014 GC, I paid $288.
The weekend of the game they were selling for $50.
In the same section I was in. Kinda felt ripped off.

Took the thrill out of my Stamps win.
It all depends if the home team is in.

Then again, it was my fault for being a WESTERN DUMBASS.
Thanks AREA 51.That was nice.

I'm not quite ready for that yet... July or August would be fine with me...

Don't forget Ottawa.

No drummer, I did not.

I said Ham - Tor because it is in BMO. If the Cats are in, it would be the same as if it were at THF.

Ott fans would snatch up tickets , if they make it. Just not as fast as fans of Cats or Argos.

I suppose we could book tickets and hotels then pray for a scalper or kijiji option when we foll into town. But as an annual pilgrimage for guys coming from AB, MB and NS, it's a pretty big risk.

Wish the silence wasn't so deafening.

At least the Bombers looked good in this week's pre-season game. We're already planning the parade. :wink:


Monday, July 18 at 10:00am ET

Argos’ Season Seat Holders Pre-Sale to Purchase Grey Cup Tickets Opens

As a season seat holder, you will have the opportunity to purchase 2 Grey Cup tickets for every season seat you own.
It's still not too late to secure additional season seats and further your access.

Further details, including ticket prices and a pricing map, will be shared with you on Wednesday.

This is fantastic news - - I was worried they wouldn't offer the 2-for-1 option. That's FOURTEEN (14) for me.