Grey Cup Thread: Larks vs. Gang Green Nov. 28, 6 pm et, TSN

Rider D - Taking Care of Business so far I'd say.

I was waiting for someone to say something like that. :slight_smile:

Other than the first few drives, MTL has not been getting that far on offence.

Interesting how "Grey Cup" is a "trending topic" on Twitter now.

16:47-13:13 time of possession for Als.

Yes, the Riders time of possession is 13:13. :wink:

And the second half is on.

Riders start at their 30. Complete to Fantuz for FD, then Cates get them to MTL 40!

But Riders gets only 2 after that. Parker has covered Getzlaf well.

Johnson successfully angles that one to MTL 11.

3rd down fake! Is O'shea on the sidelines? :lol:

LOL at Dressler appearing to count how many players were on field.

But on punt formation, Deslauriers takes direct snap. They get much-needed FD

They did fall for O'Shame's tricks twice one game.

Tie game now.

Is it just me, or is this one of the most boring GC games in recent history?

And the drive went well for Als after that. It seems successful gambles lead to momentum swings.

But sack followed by incomplete pass ends drive.

Duval good from 22, he gets it right that time. He may not have looked reliable earlier. Maybe not Sandro-ish in when it comes lack of reliability but...


If you like seeing offence and huge plays, then I can understand what you are saying.

Not much for the highlight reel so far.

But I like how this could easily go either way, and may not be decided until after those mounties bring out the Grey Cup.

True. Also, did anyone else go "ick" when Mitchell broke his leg?

Never like seeing that.

Als offence had possession of most of this quarter, gaining much more ground than they did the previous quarter.

Duval not trusted to attempt long FG. Understandable. Punt angled out instead. Punters have been fairly busy.

Another two and out for Riders.

With 5 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Maypray starts Als at midfield. But what is Duval's range?

Not a bad game at all.

End of 3rd quarter.

Net yards: 284-219 for MTL.

Time of possession: 26:34-18:26 for MTL.

Suitor made good point about adjustments Als made, and how Durant has not gained many rushing yards. (He has one carry for 8 yards.)

4th quarter of the 98th Grey Cup underway now.

And Duval is good from 42 to make it 14-11.

Rider offence must get many times more yardage in 4th quarter than they did in the 3rd if they want to put last year's Grey Cup behind them.

Cates got them FD to start, can't get FD after that as there was a near-pick. Still no turnovers this game. A turnover for either team would be huge.

Seventh consecutive Rider drive ending in a punt, they said? I believe that.

Richardson jumped up to catch deep one where Morgan seemed to have him covered, then Als get first TD in quite a while as Cobourne runs it in.

21-11 Als.

About 7:30 left.

On 3rd and 4, with 6:30 left, Cuthbert suggested they go for it. Too soon. Though the SSK D has been on the field for a long time.

How many net yards gained by Riders this half though?

Rider D forces their first 2 and out in a while. 4:55 left.

Duval with 24 yard punt, 5 yard no yards call taken. Riders in FG range. I know what they say about hindsight, but maybe safety concession would have been good call.

Deep pass to Fantuz good, impressed with how he fought for YAC to almost get TD!

Then PARENTEAU with the badly-needed Rider TD!

They could soon rely on a guy who was working for a Calgray radio station not too long ago to get the game-tying FG.

21-18 Als. 3:15 left.

Gutsy move putting Parenteau in at end and actually throwing to him. Obviously, Montreal wasn't expecting that.

How did he catch the ball with his hands taped up like that?