Grey Cup Thread: Larks vs. Gang Green Nov. 28, 6 pm et, TSN

The anthem has been sung, the flyover has been done, Als correctly pick tails and will receive the opening kickoff, which is coming up.

Last minute prediction:

Saskatchewan 31
Montreal 27

MVP: Durant
MVC: Fantuz

Game on! The 98th Grey Cup is underway!

Johnson kicks it off and Maypray is taken down by the MTL 35.

Good pass to Richardson for FD, but after incomplete followed by 9 yard gain, they punt.

Let's see what Rider offence can do.

Not much. Two and out.

After 15 yard no yards call, MTL already in FG range. Suitor suggested conceding safety. Speaking of him, will he succeed in not sounding like a Rider fan? He has often been accused of that.

Cobourne gets the TD on an impressive drive for the Als.

7-0 MTL.

Cates got them their first FD on their first play, but an incomplete one followed by pass that was just short of 10 yards meant they punt again.

Interesting how Johnson angled it, appearing to try to keep it from Maypray that time.

Duval misses from 31, no flags thrown. Riders has 12 or fewer players on the field that time. :wink:

AC completing passes, the “other” AC gaining rushing yards. Rider offence must start being as good as it can be with time of possession difference.

8-0 MTL.

That was close, I'm not sure the ball crossed goal line on that Sask TD.

I'd like to see that interference call again. Looked to me like the defender timed that perfectly.

PI by Cox on Getzlaf in end zone led to Cates putting it in the end zone to end the 1st quarter.

Durant was much better at finding his receivers that drive.

And Kean, who was rejected by two CFL teams earlier this year and was selling advertising for a Calgary radio station not long ago, kicks the convert.

8-7 MTL after one quarter.

Looks like someone was listening. That was a very nice drive for a touchdown. I was going to say penalty assisted, but I suspect that it would have ended in a TD earlier without the PI by Cox.

AC sacked, then pass knocked down.

Two and out for MTL? Did not expect that.

Was it not said that MTL has the best D against the run in the league? Will they hand it off to Cates to further establish the running game next drive?

Impressive gain of YAC by Koch, assisted by Dressler block. Didn't they release Rodriguez when Koch was signed? I think I can see why.

But bad pass by Durant followed by Fantuz gaining 8 ends drive.

And Kean good from 27 to give Riders two point lead.

Rider D really succeeding in getting to Calvillo now. Sacked by Shologan, then pressured by Frazier to end drive.

Duval punt was only 30 yards?

He shanked two punts in last year's Grey Cup game and as we all know, missed that first attempt. If the Riders had 12 players on the field, then Duval may have been the story then.

You don't see QBs dropping their shoulder like that very often anymore. Nice to see Durant showing he knows he's playing for keeps.

That is true. They'd usually run out of bounds, as if they want to avoid getting injured. You have to like seeing players fight their way forward, even though Durant was short of making it that time.

Rider D looking much better now.

Nice return by Dressler after what was a good punt with what looked like good coverage on it.

That was ALMOST a great catch by Green.

And a good call by Trestman to not challenge that.

Two minutes left in the half. Will the score remain the same at halftime?

Johnson tried to angle it out, misses, and gets punt single instead. 11-8 Riders.

Als have 60 seconds to get into range where they can get points.

And it's 11-8 Riders at the half of what hasn't been a bad game so far, where it's the defences that have been doing well.

This game sure does look like it could easily go either way now.

Als stats:

Passing (comp/att/yds) 11/17/116
Receiving (rec/yds) 11/116
Rushing (att/yds) 10/57
Total Yards 162
Sacks Allowed 2
Turnovers 0

Riders stats:

Passing (comp/att/yds) 11/19/143
Receiving (rec/yds) 11/143
Rushing (att/yds) 7/36
Total Yards 179
Sacks Allowed 0
Turnovers 0

Maybe that Duval miss could be considered very costly later on.