Grey Cup Thread: Larks vs. Gang Green Nov. 28, 6 pm et, TSN

The 98th Grey Cup (TSN/TSN HD/
Montreal Alouettes vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders from Edmonton
Sunday at 6pm et/3pm pt

I thought I'd tee this up early. :wink:

Tell your friends and colleagues who do not have access to TSN that the game will be available online in Canada with As far as I can tell, the game will NOT be on CTV.'s Grey Cup Matchup Page is at .

An article discussing some of the changes the teams have made to get to the big dance is at .

Edmonton weather can be tracked at ... f=homecity -- it's putting the "fridge" in FRIGID at the moment. LOL

Ought to be a great game!

Oski Wee Wee,


And for us fans in the US - broadcast on Altitude - (I had never heard of it before but they had all of the TSN playoffs broadcast on AltitudeTV) DirectTV channel 681 (SW Florida)

Good thinking. Nice job.

Since our beloved TiCats aren't there I'm cheering for the melon heads. Their loss last year is a fate I wouldn't wish even upon the blue team. They won't admit it but this is a chance at redemption. Their fans deserve a win.

All fans deserve a win, Rider fans while great and many of them, are no more special for the loss last year or for whatever reason than any other fans. Personally I'm routing for the Als but more just a good game that isn't a blowout.

I'll be at a friend's house for the annual Grey Cup party lots good friends, good food,cold beer(maybe I'll see if I can find a few cans of Pilsner) and a kick ass big screen TV :slight_smile:

Rider fans sell their stadium out every game and buy just about anything green with an S on it. They buy more swag than all the other teams fans put together. For that they deserve a win on Sunday.

Some articles to whet your Grey Cup appetite:

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Going with the Eastern Division Champion: GO ALS!

It's been 13 years since back to back Grey Cups was won. So thus, MONTREAL ALOUETTES - Show it to me :rockin:

I certainly would.

Today's reading from

The latter link is a David Naylor article re the CFL's expansion draft formula that is about to be announced. It appears to be a better opportunity for the new Ottawa franchise to hit the ground running than the Renegades had for its draft.

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Alright, here we are. Grey Cup Sunday. And the two teams that played in the CFL season opener on Canada Day play again on this last day of the CFL season.

It doesn't seem that long ago that that July 1st game, which was very entertaining, was played. And while last year's Grey Cup game will always be remembered for how it ended, the other 59:50 of it or so was also entertaining. I expect this to be another good one.

The pre-game show is on TSN now.

What's with the "Canada's Team" moniker the Riders fans keep shouting about: I dont recall voting for the Riders to represent Canada. In fact, their fans have become mighty annoying to me.

I'm off to a Grey Cup party so everyone have a good time watching the game

I will be hosting some friends as we watch the game, so I want to wish everyone a great time! I’ll be on later with my thoughts on the game.

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My wonderful wife has said many times that if she meets someone for the first time and immediately likes them they usually are from Saskatchewan originally. For their support of their team, especially in the years where their record was poor and for their support of the league in general, I will be pulling for the 'riders today.

Actually I have 5 West and 7 East in my office pool, so I'm hoping for a a score of 25 to 17 for Saskatchewan. (I've kept my perfect oh for record too many years and I'd really like to win to get back some of the money I've invested over the years). :roll:

My prediction: Als will miss a last second field goal to lose the game and the Riders will actually have the correct number of players on the field. Top that Hollywood.

I just hope Gang Green's 13th man stays in the stands and doesn't wander onto the field this year. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I understand that what they do now is put two six-packs on the field, and whoever is empty-handed has to get off the field. (I just thought this would be a good time to tell that joke again.)

Time for those bilingual player introductions...

Amazing we ever get anything done in this country, as everything takes twice as long. :wink: