Grey Cup thoughts

I thought I would share with Ticat Nation a couple of thoughts.

The first one which I have shared once or twice before, so if you've read it my apologies for being repetitive. They tell me this comes with old age. They tell me this comes with old age. :smiley:

In the one win season I had a job (along with my now deceased sister Jean and her husband Kent) of handing out the game day programs. In exchange we were able to score the best available seats in the house to watch the game, so technically we were paid (Thank you Wally Barrow and Football Niagara). Being bored with such a repetitive job I tried to make it interesting (although just handing a program to big Ang as he entered was quite the honour) by saying things to people. I was generally not offensive. One line was "Tonight is guaranteed win night. That's right the Ticats guarantee a team will win". Usually I would at least get a smile from the fan. Another line almost got me into trouble once. It was at the Saskatchewan game. A Gang Green fan in his team jersey took the program I said to him " Good luck tonight, but not too much". Instead of taking it in the vein it was intended he said (pretty close to word for word) "We don't need it". Of course this spoiled the rest of my program handing out that game. I know I shouldn't care what some idiot says, but the way he said it was sooooo arrogant. Needless to say when we won the game (in OT?) I was extra happy more so than the other 10,000 or so Ticat fans. Karma has a way of striking when you least expect it.

The second item relates to this years playoff games. In the first when Burris threw his pick late in the 3rd quarter I got very discouraged and logged off of the game thread. All of a sudden we storm back and show what those All Wets were made of. In the final, late in the 2nd quarter when we couldn't stop the blew team's "o" again I got very discouraged and logged off the game thread. You all know the result. Now Mike is not normally a superstitious kind of guy, but the coincidence in this case is just too spooky for me. Needless to say if anyone catches me on the Grey Cup game thread they have my permission to give me an atomic wedgie the next time we meet.

This is a very good team, and they have excellent coaching. I now believe in them and their chances on Sunday. Go get 'em boys. I'll be cheering from in front of my TV. The roars you'll hear come from moi.

Bonne Chance Ticats.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Seeing the Official Grey Cup thread (by BobYoungFan) reminds me to stay far, far away as Mike does not like wedgies (especially the atomic kind). :lol: :lol: :lol:

One last thing before I steal (steel?) away to parts unknown (St. Catharines) to watch the game in big screen HD glory, I really, really want to wipe that smug look off of every prairie dog farmer in the entire green province. :twisted:

Bring home the Cup boys. You deserve it.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Gang Green Prairie Dog Farmers! Tigers eat em raw!!

U an hearing he ticats players are getting angry with all teh sask arrogance and people writting them off
i think sask players might be tired form alongweek.. with s many friends and family there they feel they have to go ouyt and entertin etc ..and see them
also sask will do what they have done all year while ticats will bring new things to the table
ticats have been 11-4 since their 1 and 4 start and i think sask was liek 5- 0 so they are like 8 - 7 since then
Drew says tha there may be strong winds tonight ..60 - 80 kms
so alot like the guelph game

i also saw that stephen says he's playing .we shall
is he ome of the guys that had frostbite
or do you know what his injury is or if he has a cold etc

so my prediction is 29-26 ham

so now that the winds will be 65 km and up ..i see this being more defensive than initially thought
luckily burris is used to the wind and has had sucess against it with the montreal game

short passes to fAntuz, gable gigure etc ..runarounds to banks
dan l will get mor ereps now ...
running up th emiddle with the qb's will be they key on both sides ..
with more wind i can see more bowman and plesius especially when they are against the wind
i watched highlights of last 2 sask games and durant ran alot up th emiddle in both games ...we need to stop that ..also sheets runs to th emiddle and then fades to th eoutside as the line clears out the middle ...i think sask has the advantage in field goal kicker with melo over congi ..i hoep it doesn't come down to congi
right now i'd take our receivers over theirs as tasker , ellingson , giguere al have better days ahead
i hoep condel and burris have come up with some plays for today only for sask , for cold weather,
taking advantage of smaller linebacking corps..

whoever is watching dressler ..will be a key to this game ..i am guessing it is hobbs ...i am guessing breaux will be on smith ..good matchup likely taking smith out of th egame
i noticed sheets had a few screen passes that were successful .
we need our dt's to penetrate the line and close the holes ..and we need plesius and bowman to make a difference there on running plays ..2 and 5 and less

Uh gerbear fix your keyboard....

I don't know why but I cannot stop laughing on this post! Thank you! :thup: