Grey Cup televised live on ESPN and is main feature in L

Just got word from friends of family who are in Las Vegas for a west coast vacation and went to LV just for the Grey Cup messaged me about 30 minutes ago that they are staying at Caesars Palace and the game is on the big screen.

Then they told me they went to the old Las Vegas Hilton now westgate and they are sitting there right now and are showing the game on one of the big screens that is next to all the NFL games. And they have a theatre and are going to be keeping it open late for the Grey Cup.

They told me there are tons of CFL jerseys and they are having Calgary and Ottawa specials at the bar near the seating area.

That is quite amazing. Are they catering to Canadians? what ever it is this is quite impressive. I've been to LV before and they have shown CFL games but for the Grey Cup its quite impressive to what extent.

sent me a txt moments ago and they were talking to people from all over noticeably South Carolina, Georgia, California and they will be watching the Grey Cup. As well they know all the teams and some of the players in conversation with the people who I know down there.

This is impressive and something the CFL needs to be taking serious.

The game is on ESPN for a reason!

If it's not obvious, "KerryT" is Access_Media (or @AuburnWild on twitter). :lol:

ESPN 2 is airing the Grey Cup.

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got msg from Las Vegas that Grey Cup is on in the theatre and on the big screens with sound. Meaning NFL sunday night on NBC is taking a back seat. Was told fans are really into the Grey Cup. Also tons of Stampeders fans in attendance.

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It's a nice thought. Hope it's true because it would be nice.

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As reported in many reports the CFL Grey Cup was a huge hit in the U.S.A / ESPN radio is talking about it in their show that followed their evening lineup. And been reported that many Las Vegas sportsbooks and few sports bars in California area (Teemu Selanne restaurant) and couple in Los Angeles including LAX Airport all had the game on with large amount of viewers.