Grey Cup Telecast

Does anyone know if the Grey Cup will be broadcast in High Definition? The 20 or so HD broadcasts by TSN this year was awesome! I also have the CBC HD channel, but not one CFL game this year (that I say at least) was a HD broadcast. It would be a real shame if the G.C. wasn't shown in HD. You can be sure that if TSN was carrying the game it would be HD.

it should be, but since the CBC is doing it, who knows. I'd love to see TSN do the GC, they'd do it MUCH BETTER than CBC ever could.

I'd like to see TSN present the grey cup in HD, since i've been watching most games this year in hd and i REALLY like it. I don't like CBC announcers and the picture is horrible compared to tsn b/c of the lack of hd.

Rockyb you are so right
I was blown away by TSN's HD telecast and very disapointed to see the CBC HD not in HD.
I sure am hoping it willl be done right.

how do u get the game in HD??? u just need an HD tv?

IMO Chris Cuthbert is better than MArk LEe, Him and suitor do a great job.

You need a HDTV along with a HD reciever from Bell or Videotron or in your case Rogers and you must subscribe to the channel. HD reciever....ok.
cuz i have a 47" panasonic HD tv, but never noticed anything impressive...i guess thats

I suggest you look into the reciever. It really is mind blowing and increadible the picture is.
Is your TV 16x9? If so, you get a full screen while watchin HD, you dont get those anoying black bars on the top and bottom. Also while watching footbal you get a larger view of the field, Instead of just seeing the o and d lines you will see the linebackers because the image is wider

Yeah ro1313, it is great isn't it? It's well worth the components, cables, etc. I heard someone comparing an upgrade from digital TV to HD TV like going from black and white to colour. I agree with that! I've had it for almost a year now, and I'm still mesmerized watching football, hockey, etc.

I'm going to sound like a whiny Rider fan here, but I was a little disappointed that ony one Rider game was broadcast in HD! I guess we'll always have something to bitch about :lol:

I agree as well Rocky B, HD is as amazing as black and white to colour!

Rocky_B I love my High Def TV wouldn't watch anything now without it. :thup: I can see a blade of grass its that's good, and feel I am playing in that game. 46" screen helps ahahah :lol: but I could sure see Burris sweat last Sunday!!!! :wink:

HD TV: $2300.00
Cable HD with net: $150.00
Watching Burris confused and sweating: Priceless!!!!!!

I almost felt sorry for him but...Do your dumb dance now stamps! lmao :cowboy:

Now for the Sask vs BC game!!!! We beat them 3 times so far can we go for 4? YOU KNOW IT!!!

Dickenson is that you sweating now? :stuck_out_tongue: Should be!

...resurrect a thread that is over a year old?....o.k. I suppose, what ever turns your crank.....

He resurrected his own thread... and answered to himself! Rocky_B and CaSandra, I hope "both of you" have fun watching the game together !

By the way Drummer_God, just to enlighten you a bit more about this whole HD concept: a HD receiver is something like Ben Cahoon. Thyrone Anderson, on the other end, is always low-res, no matter how good your TV is.

That was me, Casandra his wife goof, not him. Why be so rude and make erroneous conclusions? You only embarass yourself. I merely did a search for any of his posts to read and looking at the month not the date I replied with my own opinion. I thought it was this years grey cup.

Well since you are so smart maybe you can move it to a new thread and get rid of all these old posts surely people aren't pulling up something from last year except by mistake like I obviously did being new to posting!!!!!

And since you asked yes we will be watching it together!!!

GO Riders GO !!! :lol:

Its ok
HDTV is a worthwile topic

...ah yes, the misplaced comma, always good for a laugh....'s no biggy Mrs. Rocky_B, just looked odd that a long dusty post got top billing again, but now that we know the story behind the story Third and I can get back to our get-rich schemes...