Grey Cup tape

I am 68, a one time player in New Jersey high school football, at Northwestern U, and in Lincoln Park, Chciago, in rough tough 6 man touch.

I FOR YEARS have loved the CFL type of game more than any other. (A fraternity brother was the great Dick Thornton, and several of my NU teammates, such as Jim Andriotti, played int he CFL.)

I have not seen the 2005 overtime Grey Cup game and so far have not been able to find a VCR tape of it. Who will lend me one, sell me one, or copy his own, charge me for the copy, and mail it to me in Mobile, Alabama, where the oysters are good and the weather steamy?

John Adam Moreau, 251: 343-3573

The game might be on Try checking that out.

you can get it for $4 for 2 days on CFL broadband

Yeah lame. I live in California. I grew up watching the CFL. I'm lucky if I even get ANY games here on Comcast.

The streaming thing is an improvement, if you use Windows. Otherwise you're SOL.

Can't get the 2005 GC game. WTF is that? It's NOT in the archives at all.

The CFL needs to hire some people to market this game. It should be a REQUIREMENT that every GC game be released on DVD. There is also NO reason why there can't be CFL films a la NFL films. They glorify the game and those films are very entertaining to watch. The 2005 game should imortalized for all time, along with many other classics.

I love the CFL but the pathetic marketing just breaks my heart.