Grey Cup/Super Bowl half time shows

After watching last nights disgraceful half time show and each year they seem to get worse. I have yet to see even one decent show is it time to switch it up and try something different. I am still debating if this years show was the worst or was Madonna the worst. Was anything in Grey Cup history worse then Bieber

1996 - The Nylons

oooh!!! ooooohh!!! pick me!!!!

Dan Hill.... in a hot air balloon.... indoors! Skydump, 1992. And Celine Dion in the same halftime I think. Could anything be worse?


It gives me a chance to get up and stretch ...get in a good washroom break ..grab a snack ..refresh the refreshments... answer the wife ... all without missing anything i'd want to see

Ditto Dawg, great post

Agree vjos about Dawg's post, beauty. :thup:

Dawg, one thing though, how exactly do you "answer the wife"? You might be able to provide a tip or two for me, me thinks. :wink:

And no, I didn't bother watching the halftime show and have no regrets not having watched it.

Thought it was a great halftime show, not sure what exactly you would want to watch instead.

I totally agree! I love jacking up the volume and remembering when I was young. I'd rather listen to Beyonce or Prince than Phil Simms and Jim (the "Patrons") Nantz anytime. Remember, just because you're old, that doesn't mean..... something, something. I forget ! I think I'll go to the staring window, now.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)


Yep! Great musical performance, and very easy on the eyes too! :slight_smile:

Worst ever Grey Cup half time performance - Black Eyed Peas
Worst ever Super Bowl performance - Black Eyed Peas
Seems they can record but just can't get it together live or a lip synch.

Best ever - The Who - they just rocked and sounded fantastic

I would like to see marching bands of many types, like in days of yore. To this day, I prefer them over
anything else.
Stadium sound is always distorted anyway, but with marching bands, we don't require
artificial amplification. What they play is what we hear.
Such bands combined with dancers or cheer leading squads make for great entertainment for me.

The NFL is contimplating no half time show do to possible eather issued. Instead the music acts will be played inside somewhere and will be shown on the jumbotrons.

In the early days the Super Bowl half time shows were always Marching Bands, and acts like "Up with People"
But that was a different generation of fans. Now it's about the half time ratings, they have seperate ratings for the half hour half time show. There are millions that tune in just for the half time show, that's where they get that figure of 18 million Canadians watched a "portion" of the Super Bowl. Same as the Grey Cup, when Bieber did his thing, more viewers tuned in for the half time show only. Millions of dollars in advertising revenues/sponsors for the half time show, they would never give that up.
A marching band at half time show would have people turning to a different channel, it's all about ratings.

Give me someone like Gordon Lightfoot for every half time show, that that I could never get tired of watching. But it’s all personal preference for sure.

YUP .. he'll pull in the young hip viewers

Obviously I understand what you're saying dawg but I appreciate the CFL for having one of the halftime performers who I grew up as someone now in my mid 50's. That's all I'm saying and no, a halftime show shouldn't just cater towards an older person like myself, agree. As mentioned by others, it's about getting the younger people to tune in on TV for part of the show, those that wouldn't otherwise if it weren't for the halftime entertainment. To me that's a bit unfortunate but that's entertainment as they say in the television world. Actually, maybe not unfortunate really come to think of it, just the way it is.

Remember going a while back to the see Johnny Flynn from the UK at the Horseshoe and he paid tribute to The Band. My wife and myself clapped although we were in the minority as most of the young people at the concert obviously didn't have a clue who The Band was so it seemed or else they just didn't want to admit it.