Grey Cup Sunday Plans

I am just curious as to what everyone has planned for the day. Do you have friends coming over? Are you going to a friends home for a party ? Are you watching the game by yourself? Me, I will have a half dozen of my American friends over for a crash course in Canadian football.The kicker is that they must all cheer for the Lions or I will make their monday a living hell at work..Here's to a good game, Cheers everyone!

well my plans are this....

leave my house at around 3pm to head for the stadium..once i arrive there i will find out where im actually sitting..either section 103, row 35 (tickets currently in my posession) or section W, row 14 (tickets my uncle has, but he mite give to me cuz he doesnt feel like goin for some reason lol) im praying for the section W row 14 (45 yard line, east side baby!) it should be sweet..first cup ive ever been too!!!

and i plan on celebrating my grey cup challenge victory when i get home after the game hehe