Grey Cup Sunday Football TV Rating Predictions

First off - Props to TravelPatB for his excellent reporting and analysis of sports TV ratings throughout the season.

Here's my predictions for Grey Cup Sunday TV ratings. Cuz I was so bang on last year.

Grey Cup: TSN 3.52 million; RDS 390,000; Total 3,91 million
NFL CTV Pittsburgh at Seattle 899,000
NFL TSN2 New England at Denver 701,000 (NBC viewers not included)

My Grey Cup score prediction: EDM 32 Ott 21.

Your turn.

PS Dig this San Francisco sports writer's perspective on the GC.

83 game had over 8 mil. wonder what the record is?

Curious as to why you would predict a huge jump in RDS ratings and big drop in TSN ratings.
Last year TSN was 3.9 million and RDS was 200k,

I think the GC ratings will be around the same or could be a little higher this year. The reason I think it could be higher is it's Thanksgiving weekend and there will be only two NFL games this Sunday at 4PM both over as the GC kicks off, the GC will have 2 hours of no competition before the NFL game starts at 8:30. Also with it being Thanksgiving Sunday most TV shows are in re-runs.

CG was on the weekend of US Thanksgiving as well. But I would say the TSN numbers will be in the 3.5 to 3.6 million range. Main reason for the decrease IMO is more people cutting the cord and less access to TSN.

RDS numbers I think will remain the same. Not sure though how Redblack games fared since they're in a billingual market too.

Over 5 million sold, not wait will view.
For the very exciting game one of the best recent it will be RedBlacks 33 Esks 31.

Thanks siders_ruck

I'll go with:
Grey Cup - TSN - 4.0 million, RDS 275,000
Steelers - Seahawks - 845,000
Pats - Broncos on TSN2 - only about 350,000 (with about as many up here likely watching it on NBC - whose numbers won't get counted)

Out of curiousity does anybody know what the highest rating is for a program on TSN2?

First of all nowhere near as many people watch on american networks in canada as tsn, only the very few who dont have tsn. I want somebody to start keeping track of that because i bet its no more than 50,000,

And thats a huge jump for nfl ratings is that because its not entirely head to head? Seahawks games have not been getting high ratings like that his year that i have seen. Soon as the team becomes mediocore all the bandwagoners find a new iphone game to play.

It would be like saying not all viewers were counted for that boston bruins canucks final that had 9.1 viewers but was on nbc with different commercials so those ratings were the same so mustve been 18 million people watching. Doesnt make sense.

Grey cup ratings i honestly dont even care anymore since they been on TSN.

The super bowls got about another 8 years or so to catch the streak the grey cup was on beating super bowl in ratings year after year after year

Interesting that in Quebec they seem to have more choice when it comes to Sunday football games than the rest of the country and the RDS NFL ratings and the non-RDS NFL game numbers broadcast in Quebec are not counted in the overall Canadian TV ratings.

On Videotron cable in Quebec this Grey Cup Sunday, RDS has NFL football Bills at KC at 1PM and then they start their Grey Cup pre-game at 5PM. CFCF has Giants at Washington at 1PM, WCAX the CBS Quebec feed has Dolphins at the Jets.
TSN 5 in Quebec has the all day pre-game CFL coverage.
Last year 200k watched the Grey Cup on RDS but 900k watched the Super Bowl on RDS.

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I am not overly concerned with the NFL impact this year. The Grey Cup has been going head to head with NFL, forever.
The people who are going to watch a regular season NFL game vs the Grey Cup, are probably watching due to their football pool they are in, and have chosen NFL over CFL for eternity.

What has been good for the Grey Cup, is that for the second year in a row, there are no NHL games on. I believe this helps. I remember Grey Cups in the past with the Stamps in it, and the Flames were on at the same time. Same with the Lions in the Grey Cup while the Canucks were playing. Hopefully this sticks around.

Now if only Bell and Tannenbaum use their 2/3 vote at MLSE, and get the Raptors either not playing on Grey Cup, or having a late start for the future, that would only leave the choice of regular season NFL, and the Grey Cup to watch.

Ottawa and Edmonton both have great stories leading into this one.
I think the Grey Cup will be over 4 million.

I expect some people might check it out during NFL halftime shows.

Go back to your TROLL HOLE!!!

[u]Once a national TV staple, Grey Cup now restricted to specialty channels[/u]

[b]Planning on watching the Redblacks take on the Eskimos in Sunday’s Grey Cup? Unless you have satellite or cable television — and not just basic satellite or cable TV — you can’t see it from here.

Or anywhere else without access to specialty channel TSN or one of the international networks with Canadian Football League broadcast rights. You CAN watch it on the Internet through a YouTube stream, but only in countries without a television deal.
Once the most watched event of the year on Canadian television, the Grey Cup broadcast has been missing from the country’s major networks since 2008.

The TSN rights deal, worth about $4 million a year for each Canadian football team, has been a godsend for the CFL, Stellick believes, even if the league loses access to the perhaps 20 per cent of Canadian television viewers without cable or satellite.

Longer term, however, the head of Stellick Marketing Communications fears such exclusive deals pose a danger to all sports as more consumers opt out of cable or, in the case of young people who have grown up with Internet streaming, never consider connecting.
The 2014 Grey Cup attracted four million viewers, the lowest since the rating system changed in 2009. The Super Bowl, one of the world’s biggest sports events and shown in Canada on over-the-air network CTV, another Bell Media property, had about nine million Canadian viewers.

CFL spokesman Paula Senra believes the ratings might not reflect the changing viewing habits of young people.

The effect of the shift, he said, is to maximize the number of wealthy consumers watching sports, allowing broadcasters to charge advertisers more.
“The CFL doesn’t care about letting my aunt watch the game. It cares about how much money it can get from broadcasters. The broadcasters get their money from the advertisers. The advertisers want to reach people with more money,? Morrison said.

“They are leaving out lower-income people. There is something that is not fair about it.?[/b]

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Nice to to see the Ottawa citizen is packing their papers with positive stories leading to the Grey Cup.


Welcome to the average “Canadian Media”!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
They can’t slag the league that it is about to fold and that the NFL is coming to Toronto!!!

The Ottawa Sun has great coverage and all positive, at least 12 CFL stories in the last few days.

I gots to go with 3.45M on TSN for the Grey Cup. While that seems low, Ottawa is a "small (but dedicated) market" for the CFL but going up against the American Tiddly-Winks championships and the news release that Bon-Jovi has been commissioned to cast the first lawn seed for Rogers Center conversion to natural grass, will be tough sledding for the little 'ole CFL to make the sports pages. :wink:

I don’t know what the size of the Ottawa market has to do with anything??? the game is being telecast nationally.
Besides the Ottawa market is the same size as the Edmonton market around 1 million.
Some of the highest rated Grey Cups have involved teams like Sask.

My predictions were pretty good. The actual numbers

Grey Cup - TSN - 4,079,000 (missed by 79,000)
RDS - 230,300 (missed by 45,000)

Steelers - Seahawks - 837,000 (missed by only 8,000)

The wild in the snow overtime thriller between the Pats and Broncos drew only 214,000 so my shot in the dark of 350,000 on that one was off a fair bit as I wondered how far down it would be because of being on TSN2 and NBC numbers not getting captured. As Zelkowich mentions in his blog with the game on NBC - and not its usual main TSN home - those ratings 'may or may not mean anything'. Since it was the second highest rated Sunday night game of the season on NBC in the States - and it ended up having such a wild finish - it stands to reason there were a fair number up here watching on NBC - especially once the Grey Cup game ended. I know I was watching the 2nd half - especially that crazy 4th quarter and overtime once I flipped over after the Grey Cup.

The N.E./ Denver game didn't get any extra viewers from NBC on Bell SAT. It is simsubed with TSN feed. It would be lucky if there were 20,000 extra viewers that watched an unsimsubed feed of the game. Most cable and satellite providers use simsub.

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Canadians don't watch U.S channels in droves as some are suggesting, you're looking at around 4% on average for broadcast and slightly higher for U.S specialty channels at 6.9%.