Grey Cup still not a sell out

Anyone else surprised that the GC s still not sold out. Just had a look for tickets, expecting it was sold out long ago and was going to look on Kijiji, and lo and behold ticket master has them for sale ($300 end zones???)

Regardless, very surprised with such a small stadium and supposed greatest fans it would have been an even faster sellout then Toronto.

I don't think I would ever pay $300 for end zones, believe I paid $250-$300 to sit on the 25 yard line, 500 level at Rogers Centre and feel that was fair. Would not have paid that for end zones.

What is your thought? Simply too expensive, or maybe football just is not so popular and the fad is wearing out, like the playoff game barley getting over 30k.

Or maybe it's because fans from out of town can't find a place to stay?

There aren't enough local fans?

That would be embarrassing for it to be Sask to break the sellout streak of GC games, nevermind it taking this long.

Oh well.

Not worried about it. That is a LOT for end-zone seats. It will sell out.

Are you that stupid?

Those tickets were sold already. They are being re-sold! They already said months ago the game was sold out!

Regular price for end zone was $179 not $300, so clearly someone is trying to resell at a higher price.

Sheesh. :roll:

CFL Article about that

Also, I believe the Grey Cup organizing committee also released a few extra in some endzone sections that are slightly restricted view.

Thank you, like I said.. Sold out long ago...

[url=] ... abs/140149[/url]

there are always a late batch of releases for the Grey Cup.

Yes, $300 to freeze your ??? hardly seems worth the price. I can think of no reason that a football crazed stadium like Mosaic in Regina would not have already been sold out ages ago. They are normally sold out for regular season games and sold out regularly! Maybe the fans know something the rest of the country doesn't know???

Is that kind of personal attack really necessary??????

Sorry, I just was looking for tickets and was surprised, that's all!

I was just relaying something I saw, simply that there are tickets available through ticket master.

Was not trying to start an argument.


Brad….for what it's worth many people read these forums. Some comment on the subject at hand, others just read what has been written. Someone sees another poster taking a cheap shot and questions it. Asking you if you are "that stupid" was completely uncalled for. You have nothing to apologize about nor do you need to expain yourself. I think your question was quite sincere and I for one did not think you were trying to start some sort of argument. Actually it would be rather nice if a certain someone apologized to you. Just my observation.

A bit of an over-reaction on his part, but your post did seem to have a bit of a tone to it (people always read more into what is written online since there is no body gesture/vocal inflection to read off of though).

As or the semi-final, would have been nicer to get more, but -20 does make it harder to get families out like happens in the summer/early fall games. My toes were definitely frozen by the end; not overly child friendly.

Yes, you are right. I shouldn't have said what I said, it was a bit of anger. I never meant to call you stupid.

I apologize.


I don't know the initial post plus another one in the thread seemed like a direct stab at the Rider fan base to me

I didn't see it that way at all greenandwhite. If anything he was paying a huge compliment to the Rider fans for their loyalty and passion of the game. Things were not adding up in his mind when he saw tickets still on sale. He was saying that when you look at a CFL city that loves its football as much as Regina does he could not understand why the stadium was not sold out. Compared to some stadiums Mosaic is small for a Grey Cup game. He was simply not aware that the stadium sold out months ago. Sounds innocent enough to me. Personally, if I saw that tickets were on sale I might be wondering the same thing.

Bottom line? If any city would be sold out for a Grey Cup game it would be Regina. Sounds pretty complimentary to me.

At the end of the day it doesn't really matter. The game was sold out before the season started. all venues hold seats give the two teams fans a chance to go. It's also to cut down on scalping.

Yep, the scalping is a real concern these days and I think the scalpers will make a killing if the Roughriders are in the Grey Cup. Those $300 end zone seats will likely double or even triple because people will want to be part of the action.

fans need to fight back against those scalpers and not give in to their ridiculous requests for tickets.

wait until they have to sell them cheap... it will happen!