Grey Cup Snowbird fly-over filmed from the cockpit

I thought you might enjoy this...

Cool! We will see them in the Hammer Father's Day at our Airshow :thup:

The Snowbirds are amazing - very cool video. When the camera pans around to the plane next to it and you can see how the wind bounces them around a bit, it even makes it more amazing how close to each other they fly.

Back in June I stumbled across a great spot for the Hamilton Airshow on my bike - right at the end of Glancaster Road next to the west end of the runway. There is no parking along that road enforced during the airshow so not many people are able to get there. I was lucky enough to get some great shots. This 33 second video I took on my Blackberry Playbook pad one of the best I got that day of the Snowbirds. (you don't have to have facebook to view this - and it helps the picture quality if you click on HD).

[url=] ... 5357207057[/url]


A couple of years ago, they were appearing at the local air show here (Gatineau, actually), and they arrived the day before to practice. I heard the flying around, and went outside just in time to see them doing a low level pass right over our house. They were in the V formation, and were so low that, as tight as they were to each other, they appeared to go almost horizon to horizon. I was able to easily read the numbers on the bottom of the planes and see the control surface adjustments they were making. Unfortunately, I hadn't had time to grab the camera for that pass, but got some decent shots of some of their other passes.

And here is the view from the stands

Thanks woody for that, fantastic! Oskie, can't get that to load, says page unavailable.

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Ah, the old Tutor. Brings back a few memories. Have yet to decide if they are good or bad ones, but memories none the less. I have a few hours sitting in the right seat of those. Fun aircraft to fly. I do have a private pilots licence (which I don't use any more due to the immense cost of renting) so it was fun to take control of something a little more powerful than what I was use to. Tried doing a few loops. Just set the throttle at 75%, line up on one of those long straight prairie roads and bull back on the stick. Once the ground disappears under the front, look up to find the road and use it as a reference to keep you straight. The problem is trying to come out at the same altitude you started at. Didn't have as much luck with that.

You are still here...must have done something right. :wink:

I once parked on a dirt road at the end of a airport , that they were flying from that day. Pretty cool.

Thanks, Woody.

I had a chance to work with the Snowbirds at the Hamilton and London Airshows (1997 - 2001), co-ordinating their fuel, hotels and cars. They are a terrific down-to-earth group of Canadian flyers, who were very pleasant to work with. I notice they have removed the tail numbers in that video, meaning the Tutors are in the midst of the annual off-season overhaul to keep those 50-year old jets flying.

Snowbirds and Tiger-Cats: two Canadian traditions!