Grey Cup Snackies & Refreshments

Last year we had a forum comparing the snacks we had lined up for the big show. I'll be having a somewhat eclectic mix this year.

The old standby of tortilla chips & salsa
Some onion rings for the first half
Air frying some mini samosas with chili sauce for the second at half time (beats the hell out of watching country music)
I'll wash it all down with some Grand Marnier :thinking:

Needless to say this pretty much eliminates my need for any supper.
So what are you all planning?


Also eclectic.
Brie and Ukrainian sausage (home made). Will probably have some pierogies at halftime, because I certainly won't be watching that.

Light snacks will be Hawkins Cheesies (can't get more Canadian than that!)

Liquification is unclear at this moment. I've been doing the single malt scotch thing a lot lately... maybe time to change it up. I've got some nice Tennessee whiskey... Woodford Estate Reserve. Or maybe Bulliet. Or Jim Beam Devil's Cut. Actually, I think I'm out of the Bulliet. Oooh ooh ooh... I've got some 12 year old Caribbean rum!

I just don't know....I'm going to have to break out the D&D dice to decide!


nachos, salsa and guacamole to starter game.

homemade sushi during second half

i’ll be flipping between grey cup and NFL games. looking forward to that vikings cowboys game.


Sunday is also my wifes birthday and we had not yet decided on how the day will go, let alone food. The only thing we know is that we will watch the GC, as well as NFL games during the day. So glad to have a football loving wife.


You mean she has not yet decided on how the day will go :smiley:


oh of course :slight_smile: That goes for most days

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I'll undoubtedly be watching the game on my PVR after the kid goes to bed so probably nothing more than my usual dessert of leftover Halloween candy.

probably take an easy approach.

pizza and/or wings (or both!) and beer.

I'm forcing myself to watch, but can't remember that last time I gave less shits about a winner of championship event as this years GC.


Happy birthday to your better half!

DnD Dice, lol

We did the pizza & wings deal last week....I mean I could do that everyweekend, but probably should change it up this week.
Not sure if loaded nachos or smokies will do the trick. I probably won't decide till tomorrow.
Now I'm wanting to try some Grand Marnier or JB....

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I’ll be at an Italian restaurant watching the game. I checked their menu. Sadly, no iconic Canadian foods or beers :disappointed:


I put in an order for Nalleys French Onion chip dip and lays Ripl chips and other store bought mixed bags of snacks.

We are doing a pre game brunch at Denny's.

Can't ask my wife to make her famous Lasagna or Chilli on her birthday.

Alcohol drinks will mostly be wine.

Was gonna mention lots of pepsi, but that is a daily event for me.

Post game indulging will depend on who wins :slight_smile:

Last week we ordered Chicken Chef, worked out well as I enjoy doing most of the cooking and sometimes missing parts of a game. I don't like other people in my kitchen. So likely going ordering out again (either Boston or Asian not sure yet) besides always a good time to help out some local business who suffered for the last couple of years.

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If Argos pull it off, you may want to try out MBT’s recipe for Mountain Man Squirrel Pie. :wink:

If the Argos win it won't matter what I eat . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I traditionally host a small gathering of 3-5 people for both Grey Cup and Super Bowl. None of the attendees are on this forum so I’ll be working on that.

Snacks can vary but generally include chips and various dips, both homemade French onion with garlic and Kraft herb and spice. One person also brings over several orders of Cactus Cut chips from Boston Pizza.

I make a big pot of spaghetti which is served at half time and is perfectly timed to miss the lame half time act, although if things work out the perfect PVR delay takes care of that as well. Dessert for those who want it is ice cream of various flavours including Tiger Tiger and Blueberry Cheesecake. I’m still peeved that Lucerne no longer makes Rum and Raisin.

Drinks include initial Caesar’s followed by Mount Gay or Brugal Rum for myself and others, various craft beer for others and red wine for dinner. Post meal is Frangelico, which we are looking to sip while watching the Bombers hoist the Cup for the third time in a row. Odd combinations but it works.


Those are some odd combinations Jon!
I do love those cactus cut chips from BP's, got some nice bite. As far as I know, icecream & alcohol are a nono. I do buy a bottle of Frangelico around this time of year, now I have to buy a bottle of that (and maybe some amaretto & sambucca)

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Never heard that ice cream and alcohol are a no no. Spaghetti and ice cream are classic though. As are spaghetti and red wine. It seems to work anyway.

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Doing Back Ribs on the BBQ


Thanks Munsay, I just may switch from restaurant order to back ribs with a side order of homemade A&W style onion rings....I promise to support the local restaurants later in the week.

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