Grey Cup shares

Does anyone know what the winners and losers of the Grey Cup get $ wise? Thanks.

I seem to recall how each winning share is a pathetic $7,500 and the loser around $5K.
Which reminds me and I have been saying for a while how the one good thing the old XFL had was the $1M championship game.
Surely the CFL with the boom of late with sponsorship and a new TV contract dollars, it is time to increase the playoff money and to start at least double to the current rate.
Hey even my $1M suggestion when divided by the 46 man active roster and 9 taxi squad players = 55 players @ $18,181 or the losing team splitting $500,000 or $9090 per.
Both amounts are paltry.

I think they get something like the 7,500 for the semi's and finals, I think more for the GC.

No it's not, the $7500 for winners and around $5000 for the losing is the GC share.
Pathetic and time to get out of the 60's-70's.

When you consider that the Riders recieved 23 million dollars in revenue and yet the players share was just over four million (thus not even 20 percent of revenues) AND THE RIDERS GOT FINED for overpaying their players, that it's time for some increases in payroll.
True most teams recieve about 10 mil less then that in revenue in a season....but it still seems that the players get screwed around....especially when you see some of the injuries that have been going around this year....
Weston Dressler is locked in for not just this season but next season as well at 40K....Meanwhile it appears that he is almost the only reciever they have!!!! Every other reciever around him has broken their leg!!!
Sadd to say but the CFL should sell the Grey Cup naming rights and give 100% of the proceeds to boosting CFL salaries.
If they could get the salary cap north of 5 mil per team (closer to 6 would even be better) and more importantly raise min salaries to about 50-60K so that your players would be properly represented in the community.
My father used to work for a property management company in Winnipeg. The company basicly looked after welfare buildings in the north end....he met many a Bomber living in these crack shacks....
I have heard numerous stories from people in Surrey about Lions players living in crackhouses as well.

Revenues and profits are two entirely different things. Sure the Riders pulled in 23 million dollars last year, but they made a profit of under 2 million. I think the league and the teams need to be healthy as far as bringing in a bit of a profit before they raise the salary. Remember the current salary is tied in to the revenue the league brings in, so as long as the league makes money the players make more as well.

re. grey cup shares- it's been increased as of 2006 to $14, 000 for winners and $7,000 for losers.
consider the fact that each division winner gets the first playoff round share for not even playing the game(approx $3,600), then they get the division final money(approx. $4,600) automatically. move on to the grey cup and receive the above amounts mentioned and it makes for some good coin for three weeks work. their individual salaries end at the end of the season and the playoff share takes over.when you look at a guy who is always in the playoffs like A.C. that's some good a#s cash-he's been in the playoffs every year since he got to the math.

hope this helps,
city legend