Grey Cup Sellout?

Ok, I am going to be a little bit Bungle and a little bit Area 51 here and be on the total negative side.

It looks to me like the Grey Cup may not sell out, tons of tickets leftover.

It will totally embarrassing if this game does not sell out at BMO..

The 100th Grey Cup in Toronto sold out in Record time: June 25th

This one looks like a disaster...

Please tell me I am wrong...

I can't attend the game for 2 reasons: One I will not pay the outrageous prices they ask. And Two: I am out of town that weekend anyways...

When is the Cup being played, tonight?

Give it time; it will sell out. How many times over the past decade or so have we seen a tonne of hand-wringing and chicken-littling about Grey Cup ticket sales only to see the game sell out in the week or two prior to the game?

There aren't many tickets to begin with, and there's roughly a 50% chance a local team will be in it. I'm more concerned about all the games at BMO between now and then.

If the Cats win the East , it will sell out.

It will be like a home game for them.

We are only mid - season. Nothing to worry about.

Regardless of whichever teams are in it, this years Grey Cup will be sold out, my friend. That's an absolute guarantee.

Limited number of tickets as previously mentioned above, plus the fact that this is Toronto - - people living here actually have enough income to be able to afford a couple hundred dollars for a ticket.

Hope you guys are right. :thup:

I'd go but the Amazing Race is on that night. <-- comment for A51. :wink: