Grey Cup season-ticket holder access window issues

Anyone else have some issues with buying Grey Cup tickets today? I'm gonna vent a bit ..... :x

The $15 ticketmaster surcharge on each ticket is astronomical. I bought a couple of extra youth $10 tickets for the first game at Ivor Wynne this year. The Grey Cup surcharge and taxes alone totalled $68.12 on my $399 "double blue" tickets! Multiply that by 3 and I could have bought a couple more season tickets in the end zone.

I also went in first thing at 12:00 noon, and with some super high speed internet and a ticketmaster account all set up in advance, I was in a great position for some great seats. I needed 3. The problem was the ticketmaster system gave me 3 individual seats in different rows in one section, on my first login attempt. By the time I backed out to refresh and try and get 3 together, I was on the other side of the stadium in the next level. Not good for spending more than $1,400!!!

There had to be a better way ... :cry:

I'm hoping and trusting that the festival tickets will have a better system.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the Ti-Cats hosting as the Eastern champions this year. I'll see you in Rogers Centre, section 237, at the Cup! Got 10 rooms booked at the Hilton for a big group coming from London this year!


I too was loaded locked and ready at noon. Took me to 1205 to wade thru the Argggg BS and get to pirate master. From the way the readings went they were selling tix BEFORE noon. My first try netted 3 @ $500 - long way out of my ability. Second thru 4th wern't much better. Ended up in nosebleed 506, 5th row at least for $184.5 a pop.

While I was on there I talked with Adele in the TC office. She said they were having the same problems even tho they were a TEAM office and not really trying to buy.

Oh my god… don't even get me started.

First of all, I woke up at 12:50. Big mistake but I got to ticketmaster as soon as I woke up. I found great bronze seats (2) in the corner on the 10 yard line. I put in my credit card information and away we go… my student credit card wouldn't go through. Problem with student credit cards is they have a $500 limit and I already charged my jersey on it and (I forgot) my most recent phone bill. I called visa and had it explained to me that I didn't have sufficient funds and thats when I remembered I had paid my phone bill on Sunday. Since I paid my visa bill yesterday the lady on the phone told me that in 24-48 hours I could use my card to purchase the tickets (even though in my experience it takes a week). So I called my mother and asked if I could use her credit card and pay her back. She agreed to help but this time after dozens of attempts I kept getting "error: your order cannot be processed at this time". Finally I wondered if maybe it was because someone had bought my tickets (I thought they're supposed to hold them for you while you buy them. I guess not apparently). I decided to click search again to find new tickets and give up what could have been "great" bronze level seats because the risk of the entire bronze sections selling out was looming as it was around 2-3pm. I searched multiple times and could not get a pair of bronze seats in the same section but finally gave in and bought two seats in different ends of the stadium.

Hopefully I can find a scalper who will trade my tickets for a pair of consecutives or just hope my girlfriend and I can find a pair.

Sorry to hear other folks had trouble.

I went on a few minutes before noon, reloaded the page a couple of times per minute until the "event" finally came up. Had to create an account, but then got 2 adjacent seats in the block I wanted on the first try.

NO KIDDING... I don't know who to be more disapointed with...the Ticat office or the Argo's.

First off, I've had 4 season tickets for many years... I notified the office with the return e-mail they sent out a few months back that I wanted to get Grey Cup tickets. I called the Ticats office (after several unsucessful attempts to get to talk to a "live breathing person") earlier this week...nobody answers the phone there...AND...nobody listens to the messages they ask you to leave.

Every year it's the same thing..."I'm not your's somebody else". (do you think maybe it would be a good idea to tell someone who there rep is and include their extension on the website?) I was able this morning to purchase some addition seats for a game this year...but "G'awd it's a lot of long distance calls" and "run around"...FIX THAT PLEASE.

I had the same experience as the previous posters who had trouble with trying to get in to buy the GC Tickets. the mail...I got a letter from the Ticats telling me that I need to register my e-mail with the Ticats before May 15th in order to buy GC tickets. Well've had my e-mail for years...nothing has why this...send me info that I receive 4 days late?

After several calls through today to the Ticats...I finally get a hold of someone who e-mails me the pass to get in and I play with the ARGO's BS for almost an hour to get 2 tickets in 531 for Row 17 for... get this...$483.49...RIP OFF...for not so great seats. :thdn:

Thanks for letting me vent...but imagine trying to work and tying up the phone and the computer to get something that should be real a decent price.

So much for the "ADVANTAGE :roll: of being a dedicated fan and season ticket holder". YEA RIGHT! :frowning:

FYI...I sat here and looked at this posting for several minutes to decide if I "Really" wanted to post this and hit "submit"...but I've come to the conclusion that if this is the only way someone is going to improve the "system"...then...hey, don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger. :wink:

Hey, vent all you want. Your experience sounds the worst of all of ours and I almost wanted to punch a wall. Thankfully I didn't have to work on Wednesday but it wasn't fun being stuck at home until 3.

  1. I have never had any issues reaching CSR at the ticats and they have always been very helpful.

  2. The Grey Cup tickets are not a rip off because you bought them which means they are are at fair market value.
    To prove that point, at 12:30 pm on Wed, I could not get 4 seats together in the $183 seats.
    Obviously not a rip off or nobody would be buying them.

Well GeoffW...I'll give you that one...yea, if think that they are fair market value. I don't think they are with all the service charges and fees that they have tacked on...but that's OK! I bought them. The're not what I wanted but they will do. PERIOD.

What you missed in my posting was that the telephone system is not working for someone to get to talk to a "live breathing person". I waited 5 days for a return call over a week ago that didn't spite of leaving several messages. E-mails didn't get returned. I've been the first one to defend the staff at Ticats office when people have issues and I'm simply telling you and anyone who will listen that the system needs some work.

As per the the rest of obviously didn't "grasp" what was being stated in the post...they know me...they know my e-mail and my phone number, yet they send me a letter 5 days late to get in. I did my part...I notified them of my intent to purchase...I tried to purchase when the thing opened...I didn't get in because I didn't have axcess and it took several calls to finally find someone who could give me the axcess. PERIOD.

To simplify things, when they knew how many Ticat season ticket holders wanted tickets, AND they said they had a "block set aside for us"...they should have simply gave us the opportunity to purchase them from the Ticats...Now wouldn't that be simple? :wink: