Grey Cup: Roughriders vs. Alouettes

They've started the player introductions. Won't be much longer until kickoff! :smiley:

********* It's here, Christmas is here. Best day of the year.

Pumped, I loved Tresman speech. Too much green!!!! :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley:

Miller's speech seemed awkward and long winded, like he was just saying whatever.

Nice play by Taylor… 25 yard line and a momentum changer ! That will quiet them a little.

Huff had the all time best pre game speech last year !

Congi has to make that, he needs to be clutch.

Anyone see the Saskatchewan fan in his underwear? How'd he get through the gate. :lol: I wouldn't want to sit by him.

Thank God that wasn't a pick. :o

Lets go Al's!!

Will the real Alouettes please stand up!

3 points for the good guys! We're on our way!

Al's look awful....

They're cracking under the pressure big time. They need to simmer.

Maybe the Riders don't win in the end, but anyone who thought that they would't even show up is seriously missing it.

I thought Claremont retired and was selling over priced houses in Regina? I guessed he had to return due to bad home sales?

Looking to be one of the lamest GC's....

Lamest?? Au contraire. Riders up by 10. Maybe we don't win as there is alot of game to play but whoever thought we would not show up should put a sock in it.

It's going to be lame if Montreal doesn't show up soon. :?

Wow took them a quarter to run the ball... They piss me off.

If MTL screws up this drive , big trouble .

Congi keeping the Als in it . Missed FG and the kickoff out of bounds.