Grey Cup Rooms

The CFL has booked every hotel room in Regina so no one else can book a room. Will the CFL be releasing any rooms? Totally unfair for people outside of Regina!

Maybe there is a Winter Winnebago retailer who you could talk into renting one for the week.


Ive got dibs on Karen’s.

LOL!!!! Guess I'll have to settle on Lacy's couch then. :slight_smile:

This year is only the second GC in the past 15 years I'm not planning to attend...the other one was also in Regina. The organizers have made it very difficult to want to go...

Unfortunately the "Great Canadian Drunk" has be supplanted by the "Great Canadian Drunk on Greed". Going to the Grey Cup used to be a feasable endeavour, now it has become something only the well healed or lucky can aspire to on a regular basis. Lucky for us is we have family in Regina otherwise this year would be out for me. I refuse to pay any inflated price do to a corporate entity buying out the rooms, despite bing able to afford to. It is basically legalized scalping and as much as I love the Grey Cup, I won't buck up.

The "Spirit of Edmonton" room, which has long been the best party room at GC, and is sometimes the ONLY party room at GC, has been relegated to some non descript hall on North 4th Ave almost 5km away from downtown's hotels....this is reason alone not to attend.

Thanks for that info. Maybe it is time to rename the Grey Cup. We should now call it the Greed Cup.

I've been to every Grey Cup since '92 (including two in Regina). This time I'm not going. I thought I was smart when I started looking for a room well over a year ago, but low and behold every room in the city was reserved by large tour groups (wanting to charge $1400 PER PERSON for a $89 room and an end zone ticket). No thanks. Then, even if you are fortunate enough to know someone who lives in Regina, the convention facilities are horrible, you'll never get a cab, and you'll freeze your butt off (in the crappiest stadium in North America).

Sorry Regina, although the province deserves it, the Grey Cup has outgrown you, and hopefully it never returns.

Not sure how you can say that, according to one guy on here, Regina is in line for an NFL team.

I think it is time that the CFL went back to the days when in order to have a chance at Grey Cup tickets, you had to be a seasons ticket holder. Climbing into bed with tour operators simply is wrong.

I think it's important to recognize that the League simply "sells" the GC to a local organizing committee...who then shape the event depending on their facilities and their vision for what they can accomplish (and the money they think they can make for the club). Regina is an odd duck to be's almost like they know they have limited options so they do everything to keep it as "local" as possible...I know many annual Cuppers who are taking a pass this year.

The best places for GC, IMHO, given all I've attended, are....

The Good
Edmonton - Everything works here. Spirit room is big and loud, good transit to the great big easy to get around (lots of bathrooms for us beer only drinkers with older bladders) stadium and decent prices for hotels and pops.
Winnipeg - New stadium, although tougher to get to, should make it great although the Spirit room ended up getting punted out to the airport in 06.
Vancouver - I think they did a great job in 2011.....many more activities and it's Vancouver for goodness sake. Cops were much cooler in 2011 than they were in '05, Spirit room was easy to access and the stadium is now even better than it already was.

The (not) Bad
Toronto - Was impressed with what they did last year....well organized, great stadium and lots of fun options for trouble.
Montreal - Similar to Toronto although didn't see many activities for families and kids except what they had in a small square downtown. Weather was nasty last Cup but it is was great as I recall.

The Ugly

Regina - already detailed.
Calgary - fun town but horrible stadium...waaaaay too old and extra seats make it a joke to get around. Took an hour to get a beer in 2010.
Hamilton - Just don't know what to say about this as I know there's lots of Cats fans so I'll take a pass...

Just a wild guess here......but your'e an Eskimos fan???? Right???? Because if we go by what you posted,the Cup should be in Edmonton every other year,cause it has the BEST of everything :lol: according to you!!! :slight_smile: :roll:

How did the CFL book every hotel in Regina???
I don't understand? do you mean someone in the CFL head office made a reservation to book ALL hotel rooms? or did fans start buying up the rooms months ago and now none left?
I did do a Travelocity search in Regina for that weekend and ALL 24 Hotels are booked.
But Priceline show hotels available in Weyburn, Melville, Stoughton, not sure how far away they are.

He may be, but as somebody who has attended grey Cups in all but 3 CFL cities, I can tell you that Edmonton does put on a very good festival. The venues are very good, the stadium, other than being outdoors, ranks with any in the league and in my opinion the "Spirit of Edmonton" room is always one of the best parties regardless of who the host city is. You don't have to be an Eskimo fan to appreciate a great festival.

One of the best Grey Cups I attended was the 1988 game in Ottawa. They cordoned off much of downtown and created a Grey Cup party zone. Laid back police presence and a very well behaved crowd, not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg.

The CFL did not buy up the hotel rooms, private for profit agencies did and re-marketted them at a premium. The CFL and/or the Regina organizers were complicent however in my opinion by allowing these same agencies to buy up Grey Cup tickets by the thousands and then including them in package deals with the hotel rooms. Just a sliver away from scalping, just they don't have tollok you in the face when taking your money. I would assume these agencies paid a marketting fee to the organizers, not 100% sure though.

Yes it is a non-descript hall about 5 km away from the downtown hotels. But factor in that Evraz, where everything else is going to be is 1 km away from there and it isn’t really that big of a deal. I know its diferent for me since I live here, and both Evraz and the ORR Center are about a km away from me, but I honestly think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I don’t remember exactly when, but SOE was once way out by the airport (I think it was Winnipeg). It is a choice that SOE makes to not go in with the rest of the Grey Cup Parties and do things their own way (not making a judgement on said choice, just stating fact) and sometimes this makes it so they are in a ‘bad’ spot. It will still be a fun room to go to, and I plan on spending many an hour there.
I agree with others that Grey Cup is getting a bit too corporate for me. I have been going since 2001 (with two before that as well) and to be honest it definitely has gotten less fan friendly. Is that just a way of the world now, maybe, but doesn’t mean I like it. Having a Grey Cup in Regina is never going to be perfect, and I really do feel for those that cannot get accomodations. However those complaining about the cold (suck it up buttercup), the facilities (Evraz is nice, the parties will be great), and Taylor Field itself get zero sympathies from me.

I know that the "96" Grey Cup in Hamilton was a huge bust,as about 15 of us actually got tickets at the discounted price of $25.00 each in the temp seating area.The game itself was a blast,but we all froze our butts off sitting in that snowstorm,no wonder Hamilton has only hosted 1 Grey Cup since 72.Hopefully with the new THF we will get it again soon and hopefully put on a better show than in 96,it probably didn't help it much that the dreaded Naughts were the Eastern representatives,as everybody figured that a lot of fans from Toronto would've shown up,but Toronto being Toronto most of them decided to stay at home,too cold,windy and snowy for the delicate dainty daisies from the big city,to bother to make the 45 down the HWY.

I don't have a problem with where the SOE is located. As long as they don't put them in a shut down Husky House restaurant, like the Rider Pride group was crammed in Calgary, if my memory serves me correctly. We never did get in the door, it was a terrible location.