Grey cup rings on Pawn Stars show

Watching the tv show Pawn Star and found it interesting that they displayed a Montreal Grey Cup ring for sale. I could not see the year?

I was just there in May and the Montreal Ring is not for sale, Rick Harrison likes it, so it not for sale, but this was !

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Thanks, that’s interesting

It's a 2002 Grey Cup Ring, I forget the players name.

here's a supposed pic of the Grey Cup ring from Pawn Stars..

yup, that's it, Joshua Cochran

The CFL should keep track of this kind of BS and remove these guys names from the cup. I know that CFL players make nothing... but how much of a crackhead do you gotta be to do something like this?

That's a really insulting and utterly snide assumption. Seriously, who do you think you are? You don't know the guy, nor do you know his reasons for selling his ring. Who are you to judge in such a disparaging way? Everyone who needs money is immediately a crackhead? Anyone who's poor is a drug addict? You're a joke.

Not only that, but it's his ring. He won it. He can do whatever the heck he wants with it.

I agree with Mr.Bungle - it's in bad taste, and IMO disrespectful towards the Al's organization & his teammates. Doesn't matter how much he got, it should have more personal value and should never be sold. Championship rings of any kind are symbols of team accomplishments, and memories of going to battle with your teammates.

Maybe he needed to sell it to care for a loved one, who here knows to judge?

Then get a loan, or speak to the org first, but you don't sell your ring.

IF the ring ended in a PAWN shop it looks like it was a loan :roll:

Do you know how pawn shops work? :roll:

It's still his ring. Some people don't care about mementos like that; I sure don't. I throw away or sell just about anything I don't use anymore myself. The thing about "personal value" is that it's completely personal to each individual. Just because he sells his ring, that doesn't make him a bad teammate. We don't know whether he stays in touch with anyone from the Als organization, or if he tried several alternatives before selling his ring. If you had to choose between keeping some ring or putting food on your plate, what would you prioritize? Don't immediately assume the worst out of someone.

I think people greatly exaggerate this. Because he needs some money, or doesn't care about his ring, he's suddenly an awful, disrespectful person? That's ridiculous.

I know nothing about the character but; perhaps he passed away? Maybe his family pawned it off afterwards when they no longer needed it; or to help pay for medical bills. Perhaps it was an ex wife or girlfriend who had possession of it and eventually decided to pawn it. Maybe he gave it away to a son in law; or a nephew who eventually decided to sell it.

Just because it is in a pawn shop doesn't mean that the one who earned the ring was the one who sold the ring. There are a number of ways or reasons for it to be sold or loaned in a pawn shop. At the moment all you could do is grasp at straws, in the end the ring is theirs to do with what they wish.

About the only thing that would help is if teams wished to keep them from being sold they could put in place a standing offer to purchase back rings at a good price ( slightly above market value to make it the best option ). That way teams could have better control over rings if players wished to sell.

However - keep in mind that once they give it to the player it becomes their property and they have every right to do as they please with it. We see tons of sports gear that is game worn/used being sold that has much more sentimental value and its not an issue and really - neither is this.

That's a ridiculous statement. It's HIS ring. Not mine, not yours and not the Als'.

It's like if your boss gives you a fat xmas bonus, but then says 'If I find out that you spent it on beer I'm firing you.'

I don't care if he actually DID spend it on crack. It's HIS ring. What he does with it is none of my business.

The average wage in the CFL is 75,000 for 5 months work, I love people who say this is nothing.

There is also a bunch of NFL and NBA rings for sale too, don't these guys make millions, so what's their excuse

Doesn't matter the league, it shouldn't happen. If it does, then I agree that that player should have his name removed from the trophy.
In US college players were harshly punished for selling their rings.