Grey Cup Ring For Marcel Desjardins

Should the Roughriders win the Grey Cup, I think that Marcel Desjardins should be given a Grey Cup ring for providing that team with the players that made them a Grey Cup finalist.

Whoever had anything to do with KJ going to the Riders should get a ring, that's for sure.

At least we've got the moral victories. We can make a claim to have propelled Sask to this year's Cup win (if they win). And of course we've taken credit for pushing Edmonton over the finish line in 2005 in the Davis trade, and then there's Toronto who won it in 2004 with our defence. Too bad about 2006, but Wally seems to be able to build teams without our help.

LOL I was just going to start a thread like this. Maybbe Marcel and Katz were spies working for Regina lol.

As for the 2005 edmonton trade, I'll say it for the last time we robbed them on deal #1. Would you want us to go back and redo that deal? Give Cody and Ralph back for Davis? And Davis had nothing to do with them winning the Grey Cup, I don't remember him doing anything for them.