Grey Cup Report

Sitting in Chicago O'Hare airport. It's 7 am and they just opened the bar. A nice spicy Bloody Mary in hand - the Breakfast of Champions.

Due to arrive at 12:15 as an advanced scout, I will hit the liquor and grocery stores on my way to set up the hotel room. The rest of the Board of Directors of the Forbidden website will begin arriving after 2 pm.

My biggest decision today will be which jersey to wear to the opening of the Spirit of Edmonton Hospitality Suite. Brandon Hamilton or Joe Montford? Or do I state my allegiance early this year with either a Tracy Ham Aloette jersey or a Cameron Legault BC jersey? Or, do I go old school with a Las Vegas Posse Jeff Cummins?

A couple more of these Bloody Marys and I will be full of inspiration.

Be seeing you,
Will The Thrill
Minister of Groove/Engineering
Forbidden Website

Wear the Jeff Cummins....

And have a respectful appreciation for the fact that right now I hate you very much! :smiley:

I get in at 6:19 tonight...Spirit of Edmonton it is... :thup: :thup:

Freak's Meet ang Greet Friday night! ( Freakers Ball... :lol: )

Hopefully, I'll remember how to work the camera and post some updates!

Hope all you Cat fans in Winnipeg this weekend have an awesome time.This is truly one of Cananda's best get togethers and I'm envious as hell.Oskee Wee Wee