Grey Cup repeat?

What are the chances of a repeat?

1 out of 8

Seriously. If Wally can resign most of the free agents and upgrade in a couple of spots their chances of repeating are good.


Can't see why the Lions wouldn't repeat but I'm sure 7 other teams will have something to say about it.

yes sir

B.C. fans would love to see another Grey cup victory but modern history is against B.C. repeating. In previous 20 years, isn't Toronto the only team to win back-to-back grey cups? Currently, sportbooks have BC and Montreal as top favourites (+375) followed by Calgary(+450), Toronto(+550), Winnipeg-Saskatchewan (+825), Edmonton(+1050) and Hamilton(+2500).

Repeating is tough to do, although the Edmonton posters will tell you how easy it is.

If there ever was a chance to win back to back, this is probably the year to do it.