Grey Cup redesign after 2012 season...

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markhmasters Mark Masters
Grey Cup trophy will undergo a redesign following the 2012 championship, according to Commissioner Cohon #CFL

markhmasters Mark Masters
Will follow up with Cohon re: Grey Cup redesign following #100GC news conf #CFL

markhmasters Mark Masters
Cohon on Grey Cup redesign: 'We want to make sure we honour the tradition, but we’re running out of space to put all the names on' #CFL

markhmasters Mark Masters
#CFL commissioner Mark Cohon on redesigning the Grey Cup following the 2012 season: 'It won’t be a drastic change' better not be. LOL Amphibious landing craft designs are just plain OUT! Not sure why they can't "retire" the oldest ring on the trophy to the original at the CFHOF and continue with the trophy as is, but I digress.

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Because that would be WAY to easy a solution Russ!!

I don't think they redesign the Grey cup ...
It has History you don't mess with

I'd bet that they aren't going to mess with the original "cup" itself, which makes up less than 1/2 of the trophy now, but rather will modify the add-ons that have accumulated over the years to make it easier to add/subtract rings as they fill-up.

I'd have to agree with that rob.

The Grey Cup doesn't have 'rings' like the Stanley Cup. It has vertical plates but the winning teams are listed circumferentially. So if you take a panel off, you take a team off every so many years from present times dating back to the first few Grey Cups.

A redesign or addition is definitely in order.

The Grey Cup wasn't even supposed to be a football trophy. Lord Grey's donation was supposed to go to the crafting of a hockey trophy. In other words, this wasn't even his idea.

As Mr. Shatner says, "Wierd or what?" :wink:

I agree. I don't expect a significant change.

Just don't mess with the cup portion of the cup, and keep it a honkin' big trophy. The best parts about the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup is that they don't get raised, they get hoisted.

Just scratch out a few wins here and there; I'm sure you guys wouldn't miss the ones from 83 or 91 much... :roll: