Grey Cup ratings surprisingly down from last year's blowout

I thought the tight game would result in a slightly higher number but overall the average audience was down by 400,000 from last year.

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The television ratings for Sunday's 102nd Grey Cup between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders were down slightly from last season.

An average of 4.1 million viewers tuned in to TSN to watch the Stampeders edge the Ticats 20-16, according to preliminary data from the audience measurement firm Numeris.

That was down from the 4.5 million who watched last year's game between Hamilton and Saskatchewan.

Overall, more than 10 million Canadians tuned in for some portion of Sunday's game, 1.5 million fewer than last season.

Audience levels peaked at 5.1 million — 400,000 fewer than 2013 — late in the game as Hamilton mounted a fourth-quarter comeback that stalled when Brandon Banks' touchdown return was nullified due to a penalty.

The Grey Cup record average of 6.1 million viewers was set in 2009 when the Montreal Alouettes defeated Saskatchewan 28-27. That game was played shortly after the introduction of a new ratings measurement system that has seen sports TV ratings skyrocket.

No Riders in the game and not in Sask, well not surprising numbers are down, Riders have the most fans of any team I think. Having a team in the game where the game is played, not the case tbis year, doesn't help either.

Imagine what the ratings would be if CTV and CBC carried the game as they used to with Johnny Esaw and Ernie Afaganis. But CTV prefers the NFL and the Super Bowl.

Wouldn't make any difference if it was on CTV or CBC. If you watch football you subscribe to TSN or RDS, if you don't watch football you wouldn't watch it even if it was available on CTV.

I don't think it's surprising at all that GC ratings are down this year, ratings for the season were down, attendance down too. Not surprising that the highest GC ratings were back when the Riders played Montreal.
4 Million, still great ratings.

uhhh that logic doesn't make any sense.

Events like the Grey Cup and Super Bowl aren't watched solely by football fans. Its an event and watched by the casual audience. My mom and sister NEVER watch football. But since Hamilton was in the Grey cup they watched it. There were a bunch of 25 year old girls watching the game with me who didn't even know who Hamilton was playing. They watched because it was a big event, the grey cup. They also watched because of the halftime show.

Obviously the ppl who watch football are going to watch the game. Its the casuals who may be more inclined to watch it but can't because they dont have TSN because they don't really watch sports outside of big events like the grey cup.

Theres a reason why the Grey Cup is the highest watched CFL footblal game of the year. Becaause non football fans watch it.

Keep also in mind how all the leagues playing in the winter foolishly do not play their games on the Sunday of the Super Bore.
While for the GC there is competition with hockey, basketball and the No Funners.
I do also believe how the mother CTV network should have been involved with the new TV contract showing all the playoff and GC games.
For sure there would be a greater viewing audience my best estimate of at least 500k.
This omission(yet again) by the outgoing commish and or the board is scandalous in my opinion.
Since when is the Super Bore entitled to the main network and the best and maybe only Canadian tradition still left in this country dropping down to TSN only coverage?
This is either a head scratch er or call me a grass knoll conspiracy type with the intent on keeping the CFL "down" a definite notch?

Some interesting numbers from the Bell press release on the Grey Cup numbers.

  • an average audience of 4.1 million viewers tuning in to TSN and RDS (last year 4.5 million on TSN alone)

  • Overall, more than 10 million unique viewers, or approximately 30% of Canadians, watched some part of the 2014 CFL championship on TSN and in French on RDS.

  • Audience levels for the 102nd GREY CUP peaked at 5.1 million viewers late in the game as Hamilton mounted a fourth-quarter comeback that came down to the game’s final play.

  • The game is the highest-rated program of the calendar year in the Calgary Extended Market, attracting nearly two-thirds of the population to watch some of the game. The Calgary Extended Market recorded a 33.2 rating for the game, while 68.5% of people watching television viewed the 102nd GREY CUP.

  • The 102nd GREY CUP becomes the 16th program in the history of TSN to average more than 3 million viewers (joining a group that includes the last six GREY CUP broadcasts). No other specialty channel has ever recorded a broadcast with an audience of more than 3 million viewers.

  • The electric halftime performance by 2014 Grammy Award®-winning rock band Imagine Dragons during the Grey Cup Half-Time Show attracted an average audience of 3.45 million viewers

-An average audience of 1.8 million viewers stayed to watch TSN’s extensive post-game coverage

Travel, technically you didn't wait the full 24 hours before posting about attendance lol

TSN has 9.5 million subscribers, that would roughly be 28 million viewers? RDS has another 2.5 million subcribers or over 6 million potential viewers. Having the GC on CTV would not bring very many additional viewers to make much much of a difference to the ratings. We aren't talking about millions not having TSN but thousands.

Ah but what you had said originally is that it wouldn't make a difference. Now you're saying it wouldn't have made "much of a difference"

So combined TSN and RDS capture 34 million Canadians as you say(even that large brodcast audience is being generous because you use a multiple of 2.4 for RDS then step up to a Multiple of almost 3 for TSN). 30% of CDDs watched the game. So if we multiply that 30% by the 1.5 million ppl who dont have TSN we got 450 000 ppl. And IMO that is being generous because of the multiples used to go from subscribtions to viewers. The avg CDN household size is 2.5 as stated by statscan. So it would be more accurate to multiply the 9.5 million TSN subscribers by 2.5. Not Almost 3. That gives us 24 million and not 28 million. Thus an even larger audience that would be unable to watch the game at home.

Thats a material difference.

I think most important it was a good game (even if I wished for a different result). Last year's GC wasn't close, the playoffs this year were not good games and I thought this year's regular season had its share of clunkers. To draw fans, the league needs good games.

You said I only had to wait 24 hours after wins. :slight_smile:

And just to clarify CTV versus TSN/RDS numbers, CTV is available in over 3 million more households than TSN/RDS and with 2.5 average viewers per household that is a difference of over 7.5 million potential viewers.