Grey cup rankings

The cfl has always been biased against the Saskatchewan Riders. The guy who wrote the rankings of the Grey Cup didn’t include the game in 1989 which was one of the most exciting games and was won in overtime 43-40. How many times have the the Riders had to help pay for other teams who couldn’t pay their bills and we continue to be treated with no respect. This had to be written by an easterner. What a joke.

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29 years. Which means 1991 to 2020,


Math is biased against the Riders :wink:


Stopped reading.


I will agree 29 is an unusual number, typically a person picks a round number, 10,20,25...... etc

Still wouldn't help him


it was the last 29 games ranked. 1989 is 31 years ago. No one is biased against the riders ever.

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On the topic of bias towards the riders. Considering you generate the most revenue and have the highest TV ratings/attendance, would it makes sense for the CFL to treat you unfairly? If anything the CFL would want to help you more to assure its survival

not really odd when you think 1991-2021

The 29 Cups was an odd number because there was no Grey Cup in 2020
Otherwise it is past 30 years (2020-1990)

Still does not help OP as 1989 would be 31 years ago tho

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East is least, west is best. Hands down.

Just a brief correction: the 1989 game never went into overtime. Ridgeway kicked the field goal with a few seconds remaining.

Still a great game, though.


Greatest grey cup was 1989. I’m not sure about this bias notion. Sounds like someone has a bias against half the country,

Hands down. Never a doubt. Every single year. Always. Not even close.
Absolutely indisputable. It’s a fact . Obviously. It’s just the way it is.
There’s no point in arguing that. It’s black and white. Irrefutable and positively
One hundred percent truth.


...except for those lean times when the Bombers slip into the East for a year or three to keep things humming. :grin:

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Except for the French fries, raccoon population, and being slightly less landlocked.
So’s a tie.