Grey Cup Question.

when was the last time that the same 2 teams appeared in back to back Grey Cup's and who were they ?

Montreal - Edmonton in 02/03

Then Calgary - Hamilton in 98/99

btw, the Last time the Riders appeared in Back to Back Grey Cups was 1966-67

I think we're all aware of Sask's futility. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 western finals in 4 yrs, ain't looking too futile :smiley:

Where are all the Lions posters who hated the riders all year. 5440 , Grims,geroysimon etc. and others awfully silent since Sunday.

This has got nothing on 1974-79, when Montreal and Edmonton met five out of six years in the championship game. Or 1957-62, when Hamilton and Winnipeg did the same thing.