Grey Cup QBs: Biggest losers ever?

The two starting QBs in this year's Grey Cup enter the game with a combined 5 Grey Cup losses. (Calvillo: 2000, 2003, 2005; Dickenson: 1999, 2004)

After this year's game they will be a combined 2 and 6. In fact, for the 6th time in the last 8 years, there will be a losing QB named Dickenson or Calvillo.

On the Tiger-Cat message board we thoroughly debated this topic, and decided that never in the history of the Grey Cup have the two starting QBs had so many combined losses.

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Yet there are those who have never even played in a grey cup

how bout we talk about how big of losers the ticats were this year...or last year...or 2003...etc.

Don't attack the messenger. I'm fully aware of the Ticats' record. I'm just pointing out a fact.

Actually, I'm not 100% positive it's a fact. My original question was whether there has ever been a set of starting Grey Cup QBs with more combined losses. If not, isn't that at least a little bit interesting? I've seen news stories this week focusing on both Dickenson's and Calvillo's lack of success in past Grey Cups. But I haven't seen any articles that made the connection I did. Is it somehow not a valid point to bring up?

Anyway, we need some kind of counterbalnace to stuff like Korey Banks declaring a dynasty before BC has even won a single Grey Cup.

But there's something you're forgetting...losses in a GC means "appearances" in a Grey Cup. You can look at the glass half empty but I see it as half full - that means they've played in multiple GC's, win or lose, that's impressive.

I didn't forget that. Honestly, I do realize that it is an achievement to get to the Grey Cup. Heck, my team routinely misses the playoffs in a division where 3 out of 4 teams make it.

However the point still stands. If winning championships is the measure of a great QB, then losing them (repeatedly) cannot be totally devoid of all significance. Can it?

I believe it can.

Would you rather not be in the Grey Cup than lose the Grey Cup

In that case Calvillo has already equalled Warren Moon's achievement. Both took their teams to 5 Grey Cups (that is, if we ignore the fact that Wilkinson was the starter for the first couple of years - which everyone always does).

Since winning is no better than losing, Calvillo = Moon. 1 and 4 (assumed - after today), 5 and 0 ... same diff.

For that matter, Buffalo Bills of the 90s, Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s - four Superbowls each! Equal achievement.