We have all been speculating what if any city would get a new stadium and would it be Halifax, hopefully it still is, when right under our nose and even though it has been in the works before to include a dome stadium possibility, it now appears as a certainty how Winnipeg will get a much needed stadium.
Her is the latest article.

Bombers president and CEO says Grey Cup a success
Canadian Press

Winnipeg — One day after Winnipeg played host to a successful Grey Cup party, dozens of workers spent the day Monday cleaning up and winterizing Canad Inns Stadium while inside, Blue Bomber executives counted the money.

The exact tally of the windfall won't be clear until audited financial statements are prepared in March, but team president and CEO Lyle Bauer says the Bombers likely made between $2 million and $3 million.

The rosy picture was a sharp contrast to the last time the team hosted the Canadian Football League championship in 1998. A last-minute discount ticket blitz still resulted in 7,000 unsold seats and only added to the team's debtload, which reached $5.5 million by 1999.

"This city and the constituents of this city and province need to be extremely proud of what they've done," said Bauer.

"I think that's one of the things we may have underestimated the value of, in bringing a championship here, is the community pride and just how good this city feels about hosting a fabulous event."


Bauer said the Grey Cup, which was a sellout of almost 45,000 fans, will allow the team to wipe out its $700,000 debt and build for the future.

"It will lay the foundation for the football club to start a new chapter in the book."

Bauer would not reveal specifics about the money, such as how much would be used to sign free agents, but said he hoped to keep some of it in the bank for rising expenditures.

The team will also turn its attention to its next major undertaking — securing the funding for a new stadium.

"What we want to see is a facility that has the amenities our fans deserve," said Bauer.

"We'll deal with location and things that will be determined as a result of many, many discussions over many months of extremely hard work."

Premier Gary Doer said the province is willing to discuss a new stadium and noted the washroom facilities are especially lacking.

The men's washrooms, for example, consist of a few stalls and a large trough.

One feasibility study has proposed building a new stadium on the western outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile the Winnipeg airport was bustling Monday as thousands of fans who made the pilgrimage from across the country headed home.

The party started days before the game and included concerts, pancake breakfasts and team hospitality suites well-stocked with alcohol.

they've been talking about the same location issues for the last 3 years.

how can u not settle on a location in 3 years???

this new stadium will never get done...its all talk.

This is Winnipeg. The wheels turn slllowww...

If this city desperately needs something, expect a minimum 15-year wait.

It sounds pretty good though with the club now in profit mode and the province willing to no doubt foot the vast majority of the bill.
I wish we here in Toronto could say the same thing with our own football only stadium. Or, better still Halifax and Quebec City.

...keep dumping on the Bombers Jets.....i think everyone has seen through your negativity and quite frankly i don't think anyone is paying attention to your are one of these guys who could never get used to the Jets leaving town....well its time you faced the facts ...they're gone....and i hope they never come back....Why don't you go out and support a team that is still very much a part of the City of Winnipeg...not some dead horse :roll:

Keeping my fingers crosssed!

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This is great news!

Actually this time Winnipeg will get a new stadium. It is all pending on who will own them. IF it remains a community based team then yes, it may take a while befor a new stadium or rebuild stadium gets off the ground. If the Aspers get ahold of the bombers then a new stadium will appear sooner.
I support a new stadium at the present location.
I think they sould tear down and rebuild the stadium as the go keeping the origional feild and scoreboards where they are.

^^ Wouldn't that cost more money and more time/planing?