Grey Cup preparations well underway in Winnipeg

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The transformation of Canad Inns Stadium in preparation for the 94th annual Grey Cup is well underway.

Construction of approximately 15,000 temporary seats has begun in the south end zone of Canad Inns Stadium. The temporary seating will expand the capacity of the facility to approximately 45,000.

Due to the construction of temporary seating for this year’s Grey Cup, football fans will not be able to access Canad Inns Stadium through the South End Gate for the remainder of the 2006 season.

Fans will be permitted to enter Canad Inns Stadium one and a half hours prior to kick-off through Gate One and Gate Six. All other gates will open one hour prior to kick-off.

As well, to ensure the safety of fans, spectators will no longer be able to view warm-ups and other pre-game activities from the south end zone. However, they will still be able to watch all of the pre-game activities from the stands and other designated areas.

The 94th annual Grey Cup will be played Nov. 19 in Winnipeg. Grey Cup tickets can be ordered on-line through Ticketmaster at

this might look strange when watching the bombers / argos game this week.

Not really. If memory serves me right, they had the temp stands up and operational at TF in 2003 for the Bombers/Riders Labour Day rematch.

Yes, a few of us went to that game, which the Riders lost, but it was a good time, should be a great atmosphere in the Peg for the banjo bowl.

Is there any chance they will put up the stands early so they can sell more tickets and possibly take a run at their largest regular season crowd record. I know they did this at Taylor Field a few years ago and destroyed the old record which had stood for some time

If the Bombers can lock a home playoff game, those seats will make money rain.


I've got my ticket, and I'm ready for the GC, but first I have to watch the Bombers kick the Riders butt, ... on Webcast sigh

It should be a great 1

I could be wrong but I thought the Grey Cup required a minimum capacity of 50,000?

TorontoIsMyHome wrote:

I could be wrong but I thought the Grey Cup required a minimum capacity of 50,000?
Well, that would be ridiculous. Look at other leagues, what, is MLB not supposed to play the World Series at Fenway because it has lower seating than most other stadiums. Or the Super Bowl, they play in stadiums like the Metrodome that seats about 67,000 up to the Rose Bowl that is 90,000 or so. It would make no sense for the CFL to have this stipulation.

I say the minumuim should be 35,000 or 30,000.

30K to 35K would be grossly small. I say 40,000 minimum for a GC.

Granted, there's no guarantee all of the seat will be sold. Just look at the examples of the '98 game in the 'Peg 'tween Calgary and Hamilton; or worse, the '96 game at Ivor Wynne featuring Argos vs. Eskimos in the Snow Bowl and 2-for-1 end zone seats.

I have heard of three socials so far, the Beach Boys, for the jeris, Sam Roberts and Doc Walker, but still no half time show announced yet.

30k for Molson, I'd love to see a Grey Cup there.

Just saw a shot of the seats on TSN. Please tell me they are going to be putting backs on those seats. No backs, no arm rests, they are realling doing it up Winnipeg style.

How much are those end zone seats going for? The worst seats in the house can't be that expensive.

Yeah, they looked real cheap.

Just a gradstand with steel benches.

Those temp south stands are actually the 2nd cheapest seats in the house at about $150 a pop (when you figure in Ticketmaster's cut). The absolute cheapest are the existing north stands (where KK will be sitting) for just over $100 a ducat.

The temp seats are still under construction and most likely they'll be bench seating with no backs, like the end zones were for the 2004 GC in Ottawa, if memory serves me right.

Kim Mitchell.....Tom Cochrane

Kim Mitchell? Umm, somehow I really can’t picture “Patio Lanterns” as a November-type of tune.

Hey give me a break huh? I'm american and only have one album of his."Akimbo Alogo" And MAN does it rock!! The halftime show allows for what 2-3 songs tops? How about "Go for a soda"..."Diary of a rock'n'roll man"...and a little "Lager & Ale"?